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Fighters Megamix


Misc. Codes

Santa costume for BarkHighlight Bark and press A+B+C.
Clean PausePause the game and press X+Y+Z.
No damage optionPlay 500 rounds.

Contributed By: Captain Doormat and IHZer0.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat course A with any charatcer, then highlight Candy and press X or Z.Alternate outfits for Candy
Complete course EBean and Bark
Beat all coursesChange training dummy
Complete course GDeku
Beat any courseExtra Options Menu
Load the game disc on the Saturn at least 30 times, then select Kumachan by pressing X.Fight as Niku
Complete course IHornet
Play 100 roundsHyper Mode
Complete course DJanet
Complete course BKids Akira and kids Sarah
Play the game for 84 hours. Then, choose Kuma with the Z button, and you will play as the tree.Play as the AM2 Tree
Complete course FRentahero
Complete course HSiba
Complete course CUra Bahn

Contributed By: Justoid27, ZMetatron, siegfriedmaster, IHZer0, Joon, and Truck_1_0_1_.


Change music in Training Mode

While in Training Mode, press START and then L or R to change the background music.

Contributed By: Sailor Amaya.

Mini-Game (JP Version)

Delete all Fighters Megamix saved game files. Complete courses A through H. Course I must not be completed. Place OK marks on 1200 moves in training. Go to course I and press L. A screen full of question marks will appear. Find the two matching pictures to view a picture of Janet. Complete the mini-game again to view her without armor. Complete the mini-game again to view her with less clothing.

Contributed By: Justoid27.

Secret Options

Press L and START on the character select screen.

Contributed By: Captain Doormat.