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Sonic 3D Blast


Cheat Mode

Hold C and press the start button at the start screen. Continue on till you get into the main game, and press start to pause. Then press the following:

ZGain all Chaos Emeralds
XGain one life
YGain one medal
ASkip One Act
BSkip One Stage
CSkip to the Last Boss of the Stage

Contributed By: IHZer0.

Level Select (Japanese Version)

At the title screen, press DOWN on the d-pad three times and then press one of any of the six buttons (A through Z) and you'll hear a ring sound. Then press START and enter the menu. Now before starting a game, hold down one of the six buttons that corresponds with the zone you want to enter while pressing START. This code only works on the japanese version.

Rusty Ruin ZoneA
Spring Stadium ZoneB
Diamond Dust ZoneC
Volcanic Valley ZoneX
Gene Gadget ZoneY
Panic Puppet ZoneZ

Contributed By: slyparrot.