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Duke Nukem 3D


Various Codes

Stage select codeAt the main options screen,press X,Y,Z,Z,Y,X,Y,Z,Y
All WeaponsFirst pause the game and then press Z, X, X, Z, Y, Z, Y, X, Y. You should now have all weapons.
Debug ModeHold X + Y + Z + L + R at the main menu screen until the phrase ''Info Mode: On'' appears.
No monsters modePause game play and press Z,Z,X,X,Y,X,Y,X Z at the skill level selection screen. A new ''No Monster'' skill level mode will appear and become selectable. <BR>
InvincibilityPause the game and press X, Z(2), X, Y, X, Y, Z, Y. <BR>
Turok style of playPause the game, press Y,Y,Z,Z,X,X,Y,X,,Z

Contributed By: Dogg, Desert eagle, and Millers C.


Death Tank Zwei: Alternative Unlock

If you lack a Quake savegame you can still access the Death Tank Zwei Minigame. To do this you have to complete the game after destroying all the toilets, urinals, etc.

Contributed By: freakunique.


Death Tank Zwei

To get this mini game, save to a memory Pack with either Exhumed or Quake saved games.

Contributed By: Millers C.

Easy Health

Go up to a Source of water such as a fountain and keep pressing ACTION till your health gets to its highest level.

Contributed By: Millers C.