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Final Fight 3


Debug Menu (European Version)

At the CAPCOM logo, hold Select until the debug menu appears. Once inside, you can turn on/off several options. The ones that require special methods to activate are presented below:

While playing, press L + R.L+R Recovery (Refill Energy)
During the game's intro, press Select.Opening Select (Scene Viewer)
At the character select screen, hold L and pick a character.Stage Select
While playing, press X.X Enemy Clash (Kill All Enemies)

Contributed By: ReyVGM.


Skip the level 5 boss

As soon as you enter the factory in level 5, there will be two doors in the upper part of the screen. Break the second down and enter it. Proceed through the area, paying attention to the machinery on top. There will be a few gray things with tubes sticking out of them which are breakable. Make sure you break them all down, and you'll skip the last area and the boss fight.

Contributed By: Unreal Demon.