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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


Hidden command

Notice: this only works in the SFC/Japanese version.
Open the menu screen (by pressing X), then press Down, Up, Right, Left, Select, Start, Select, Start, B. Kinopio (Toad) pops up and asks to see your status, giving you little tips and tricks.

Contributed By: Piichi.


Infinite Coins, FPs & Rock Candies from the Mushroom Shop

The only mushrooms that are supposed to work for the mushroom boy's shop are the ones found in the forest maze. However, any mushroom will work. Because of this, you can keep buying regular mushrooms from the mole lady next door & give them to the mushroom shop for items like Flower Tabs & Rock Candies. You can also sell them for money to continue buying mushrooms until you have 99 FPs, as many Rock Candies as you want & 999 coins.

Contributed By: Animebryan.

Spell transfer glitch

Any spell that is learned by leveling up can be transferred to a different character. But the level up has to occur using an invincibility star. When you jump to open the chest with the star, press the menu button to open the menu mid jump. In the menu switch the character you want to learn the spell with the character that is going to level up. Kill enemies until that character levels up. After the invincibility wears off and the level up process finishes the the spell they learned during the level up will be given to the character that you moved into their previous position. The glitch occurs because the game is confused and thinks the character that leveled up is still in the old party slot, so it adds the spell to the magic list of the character currently in that slot.

Contributed By: Satarack.

Easter Eggs

2D Mario from Super Mario Bros. 1

One time only in the game you can change into a 2D Mario walking around on a 3D landscape. It is prety cool. The image turns sideways when you tern diagonal. In booster tower, I think it's right after the room with a switch that opens a pasage of booster pass. There is a large curtain near the exit. Go in the right side and coming out the right side wont do it but going in the right and coming out the left causes the transformation.

Contributed By: Lucia2.

Cameo: F-Zero and Star Fox

In the uppermost right corner, you can see F-Zero and Star Fox racers in Hinopio's shop on Barrel Volcano.

Contributed By: Piichi.

Cameo: Link and Samus

These two popular characters play no significant role in the game.

To find Link, return to the Rosa Inn (same place where you played with that Gaz girl) after you find the 2nd star. He'll be upstairs sleeping in the bed. Try to talk to him and the Zelda Mystery noise plays.

To find Samus, go to the Mushroom Kingdom after securing the 5th star. Go into the castle, then to the guest room. Samus will be sleeping in the bed. If you talk to her, she says she's resting for Mother brain.

Contributed By: samthebigkid.

Princess Toadstool's ???

In Toadstool's room examine the right side of the fireplace to find "Toadstool's ???" and get an amusing comment from the maid along with a free Mushroom.

Contributed By: PolkaGnome.

Samus Cameo 2

When you reach Booster Tower and get to the top where you talk to *some-what spoiler character* through the door. After this conversation look in the box where Booster and his Snifits are talking. There is a samus action figure.

Contributed By: Chaos Luigi.


Easy Level Up's

Look for a place where a star is next to a save point. Save, then get the star, level up as many times as you can. Then die (in game) and you will still have your levels, aswell as be able to use the star again :-).

Easy Level up

Contributed By: Joey.

Geno 9999 attack trick

After you acquire Geno, put him in your party. After he learn the move Geno Whirl, enter battle. Use Geno Whirl and a tornado like wind will come onto the screen. Push Y right before it leaves the screen for 9999 attack points.
Note: You will hear a crackling sound if you did it right. This does not work on all enemies (ie bosses).

Contributed By: Mynabull.

Infinite Money

When you are on the path going towards Rosa town, get to the section where all of the ShyGuys are standing on top of the treasure boxes. Go to the bottom right side of the screen to the exit. Hit the box next to the door and get a few coins (but do not empty it, leave some in) then go through the exit. As soon as you go through the exit, go back through and hit the box more times (still don't empty it). Then just repeat this until you have a many coins as you want, it won't go empty!

Contributed By: ArwixPwnsTheMod.

Mushroom Castle's hidden box

Many who search for all of the Hidden Treasure Boxes are stumped by the one in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle.
Ordinarily, you can find any hidden Treasure box at multiple points in the game. The one in Mushroom castle, however, has only 1 oppurtunity, and that is at the beginning of the game. On your first visit to the castle, be sure to jump on Toad's head and ride him to where the door is. You can now jump onto the ledge right above the door and find a Treasure box that can't be found at any other point in the game.

Contributed By: baconlabs.