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Super Street Fighter II


Different Color Outfits!

To get diffirent color outfits for the characters use different buttons to select them.

Contributed By: XtremeGundamX.

Edit buttons right before a fight

To edit what button does what right before a fight, simply hold select sometime before the versus screen appears, and do whatever you would normally do, until the edit screen appears. This should work in any mode, and in versus mode you can even select if either player should be CPU, or human.

Contributed By: Reaper2k.

Reach M. Bison(Vega) without fighting CPU

Select Arcade Mode normally. When you start your fight press START on the controller 2. Then select for the second player the same figther the CPU was using and beat it. You will see yourself in the second fight! Repeat this until you find M. Bison(Vega) and fight for your life!

Contributed By: MasterGabumon.

Select the 8th outfit

When you select your fighter, press and hold all 3 punches or all 3 kicks until the outfit changes color.

Contributed By: Ke6dRt.

Use Up to 8 of Each Fighter in Group Battle

Group Battle usually limits you to two instances of each fighter, but this code increases that number to eight.

From the Game Start screen, enter Group Battle mode. Then, using the second controller, alternately and repeatedly tap L and R until Vega laughs. Choose Match Play or Elimination from the menu. You and your opponent will now be able to use up to eight instances of each fighter.

Contributed By: jh51681.

View Character Profiles

When you start the game wait for the first profile and hold:
L+R on 2P

Contributed By: expensivegift.