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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Infinte Sprinting Without Depleting Stamina

Sprint forever by holding the "whistle" button (down) and pressing the "B" button repeatedly. Link will sprint forever and never tire. This is slightly slower than regular sprinting, so alternating between the two in a way that balances the stamina circle is the best method.

Contributed By: luckyrusty007 and XenotheWise135.

Prevent Star Fragments from Disappearing

Star Fragments disappear come morning. Sit by a campfire until night to skip morning/daytime to make it night again, and the Star Fragment won't disappear. This allows you more time to track down and pick up the Star Fragment.

Contributed By: 3x3is9.


Amiibo Common Unlockables

You can scan an Amiibo toy once per day to get its common unlockables. These are the items you can get from the chests if you don't get the rare unlockable. Note that some items won't appear unless you obtain the Paraglider or complete one Divine Beast dungeon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Breath of the Wild Archer LinkBows or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary Wind Waker LinkBroadswords, Boomerangs or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time LinkClaymores or Special Arrows
Super Smash Bros GanondorfClaymores, Gems or Monster Parts
Breath of the Wild BokoblinDragonbone, Spiked or Boko Weapons
Breath of the Wild GuardianGuardian, Ancient or Rusty Equipment
Any Non-Zelda AmiiboRandom Items (But No Chests)
Breath of the Wild Zelda or 30th Anniversary Wind Waker ZeldaShields or Gems
Super Smash Bros Zelda or Super Smash Bros SheikShields or Gems
Breath of the Wild Horse Rider LinkSwords or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary 8-bit LinkSwords, Shields or Special Arrows
Super Smash Bros LinkSwords, Shields or Special Arrows
Twilight Princess Wolf LinkWolf Link Ally

Contributed By: Elranzer.

Amiibo Rare Unlockables

You can scan each Amiibo once per day. A few of them have rare items. Each time, you have a random chance of the Amiibo dropping its rare item. All of the Tunics are actually 3-part armor sets (Cap, Tunic and Leggings). Some items only appear after obtaining the Paraglider (including Epona) or after completing one Divine Beast dungeon. Note: Epona is guaranteed to drop the first time you scan SSB Link, but it only ever happens once per save game. You should only summon Epona if you have access to a Stable to keep her permanently.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time LinkBiggorron's Sword
Super Smash Bros Link and Twilight Princess Link (1st Time always, randomly after if she is lost)Epona
Majora's Mask LinkFierce Deity (Armor Set)
Majora's Mask LinkFierce Deity Sword
Skyward Sword LinkGoddess Sword
30th Anniversary Wind Waker ZeldaHero's Shield
30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros Toon LinkSea-Breeze Boomerang
Super Smash Bros SheikSheik's Mask
30th Anniversary 8-bit LinkSword
Super Smash Bros GanondorfSword of the Six Sages
Breath of the Wild Rider LinkTraveler's Saddle and Bridle
30th Anniversary 8-bit LinkTunic of the Hero (Armor Set)
Skyward Sword LinkTunic of the Sky (Armor Set)
30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros Toon LinkTunic of the Wind (Armor Set)
30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time LinkTunic of Time (Armor Set)
Super Smash Bros Link and Twilight Princess Link (2nd Time and Beyond)Tunic of Twilight (Armor Set)
Super Smash Bros ZeldaTwilight Bow
Champion RevaliVah Medoh Divine Helm
Champion UrbosaVah Naboris Divine Helm
Champion DarukVah Rudania Divine Helm
Champion MiphaVah Ruta Divine Helm

Contributed By: Elranzer, Thrasher7170, thatguyryan, and snoopdawgfatha.

DLC 1 Unlockables

Once DLC 1 has been downloaded, loading a file will result in several new quests being added to the side quest log, each labeled 'EX.' These quests will take you to find journals that detail the locations of new items and armor.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found in a chest in the Lost WoodsKorok Mask
Found in a chest in the Kolomo Garrison RuinsMajora's Mask
Found in a chest in the Sage Temple RuinsMidna's Helmet
Found in a chest in the Sacred Grounds RuinsPhantom Armor
Found in a chest in the Hyrule Garrison RuinsPhantom Greaves
Found in a chest on the lowest level of the ColosseumPhantom Helmet
Found in a chest in the Exchange RuinsTingle's Hood
Found in a chest in the Castle Town Prison RuinsTingle's Shirt
Found in a chest in the Mabe Village RuinsTingle's Trousers
Found in a chest beneath Lomei Labyrinth Island, accessed through the grate outside of the shrineTravel Medallion
Complete the Trial of the Sword in Korok ForestTrue Master Sword

Contributed By: Thrasher7170.


Change chuchu jelly type

You can change chuchu jelly types by using different elements on them. Fire will get you red jelly, ice will get you white jelly, and lightning will get you yellow jelly. There are several weapons will elemental properties in the game that work well for this. Or you can roast/freeze chuchu jelly like you would food (drop in fire or freezing water) to get red/white jelly.

Contributed By: Tutonious and Reivuu.

Delaying Bloodmoon

Normally once conditions for Blood Moon are met, the Blood Moon will rise upcoming midnight gametime, regardless of you pass time via bed or fire. However, the scene will not happen while you are in a Shrine, thus will occur the following midnight. So if you want delay Blood Moon to the following day, Just go into any Shrine and wait for midnight to pass. This can be done repeatedly so you do the game with no Blood moons at all.

Contributed By: YyAoMmIi.

Easily tame horses

If you shoot a horse with an ice arrow and approach it from behind, you can mash A when it comes out, and mount immediately, then simply mash L to tame your horse.

Contributed By: Retroxgamer0.

Easy Arrows (Post Patch)

To the west of Eventide Island is a small island with a pool in the middle. Use Magnesis to pull up a chest with 10 arrows, then save your game before reloading that save. The chest will respawn, allowing you to get more arrows. Repeat until you have what you need.

Contributed By: GAThrawn92.

Easy Arrows (Pre-Patch)

To get a lot of arrows easily, find a relatively flat area with a few Bokoblin Archers on horseback, like south of the Tenah Ko'sah shrine in the Tabantha region. Get them to notice you, then angle the camera to a top-down view. If done right, the archers will shoot all around you, but never actually hit you. You can easily farm hundreds of arrows this way with no damage after a few in-game hours.

Contributed By: GAThrawn92.

Infinite Master Sword Re-Charge (Master Sword Trials Only)

Whenever you are using the Master Sword, and the "Low on Energy" warning appears. Fast travel to Korok Forest, and start the Master Sword trials, then while in the trial quit and cancel out back to the Korok Forest. The Master Sword should be fully recharged.

Contributed By: MacrossSkullOne.

Infinite Stamina While Climbing

While climbing any uneven surface such as mountains, you can tap "B", while pushing up, on any surface at or below 80 degrees. This will cause Link to begin running, allowing your stamina bar to refill on an edge you could otherwise not stand on. Just tap "B" right after link grabs the wall/cliff face and slide along this slope until your stamina refills on long climbs.

Contributed By: titankratos.

Updrafts Anywhere

This is fairly simple to accomplish. Simply take a Spicy Pepper (some types of mushroom also work) and light it on fire. Anything from a torch to a fire arrow to a Flameblade will work. As it cooks, it will create an updraft that Link can use to get to higher areas that are previously unaccessable, whether from stamina limits or other limitations. It can also work with 4 or 5 wood clumped together, but it is more resource intensive.

Contributed By: Dustfinger4268.

Area/Level Hints

Eventide Island Made Easy

On Eventide Island, if you drop things on the raft before stepping off of it onto the island, they will still be there after the cut scene. Use this to make clearing the island a breeze.

Contributed By: Teslithia.

Skip Rin Oyaa Shrine Puzzle

To skip the puzzle, take the orb and stand in the middle of where the orb is supposed to go. Put the orb down and use the Stasis Rune to freeze it. Then, run up to the platform that rises up and wait for the rune to wear off. The orb will roll into it's place, raising the platform and thus, skipping the puzzle entirely.

Contributed By: LanLan12345.