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Mighty Gunvolt Burst



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear the opening stage01 Welcome to the vr world
Defeat all 8 mighty numbers02 The mightiest of all
Clear the game as Beck03 We are mighty
Clear the game as Gunvolt04 Oversurge
Clear the game on hard difficulty05 Up the ante
Clear the game in under 1 hour06 Super sprinter
Defeat a boss using burst07 Up close and personal
Beat all bosses using their weaknesses08 In your element
Clear a stage without taking any damage09 Not even a scratch
Clear a stage with an S rank10 Full marks
Beat a stage with a 10 burst combo11 Elation
Beat a stage with a 30 burst combo12 Euphoria
Beat a stage with a 50 burst combo13 Trance
Clear a stage without using any bursts14 Paradox
Clear a stage with 1500 CP of equipment15 Primed and ready
Clear a stage with 2000 CP of equipment16 Geared up
Clear a stage with 4000 CP of equipment17 Get equipped
Clear a stage with 6000 CP of equipment18 Fully decked out
Beat all stages with the default weapon19 Sticking with it
Clear City using 'Duration - 0,2 s.' and 'Bullet size - Large'20 The large city
Clear Oil Platform using 'Trajectory - Wave'21 Waves of oil
Clear Water Works Bureau using only 'Charge shots'22 In charge of the bureau
Clear Power Plant using 'On screen bullets - 1' and 'Speed - Fast'23 Electric velocity
Clear Mine using 'Trajectory - Curve'24 Curving trough the mine
Clear Military Base using a customization that costs 500 CP or less25 Meager base infiltration
Clear Radio Tower using 'Trajectory - Reflect'26 Bouncin' off the tower
Clear Higway with 10 fruits and without eating any of them27 Hungry Higway
Clear Capitol Building using 'Trajectory - Spread Shot'28 Spread across the capitol
Beat the final stage in under 10 minutes29 No time Wasted
Earn a score of 1000 during the credits30 Credit where credit's due

Contributed By: Deep_Impact.

Hard Mode

Once you beat the game for the first time, you'll be able to play on Hard Mode the next time you start a new file.

Contributed By: The_Ninjadillo.