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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Choose which of Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon to send into battle first

When selecting the Pokémon Trainer on the character select screen, you can move your cursor over their Pokémon and press the selection button in order to change which Pokémon you begin the battle with. Selecting Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard here will work in any game mode, including World of Light.

If a selection is made before activating Palutena's Guidance, there are even four different conversations to be found--one each for Ivysaur, Charizard, and Squirtle, and one for the Pokémon Trainer himself/herself!

Contributed By: MasterPeteDiddy.


Amiibo Unlockables

Scanning certain non-smash bros Amiibos will unlock certain things earlier!
Note: Different amiibo that share the same unlock will unlock a duplicate spirit.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Mabel AmiiboAble Sisters Spirit
Alm AmiiboAlm and Celica (Young) Spirit
Celica AmiiboAlm and Celica (Young) Spirit
Blathers AmiiboBlathers Spirit
Pikmin AmiiboBlue/Red/Yellow/Winged/Rock Pikmin Spirits
Bokoblin AmiiboBokoblin Spirit
Boo AmiiboBoo Spirit
Wedding Bowser AmiiboBowser (Wedding) Spirit
Celeste AmiiboCeleste Spirit
Chibi-Robo AmiiboChibi-Robo Spirit
Cyrus AmiiboCyrus and Reese Spirit
Reese AmiiboCyrus and Reese Spirit
Daruk AmiiboDaruk Spirit
Detective Pikachu AmiiboDetective Pikachu Spirit
Digby AmiiboDigby Spirit
K.K. Slider AmiiboDJ K.K. Spirit
Goomba AmiiboGoomba Spirit
Guardian AmiiboGuardian Spirit
Kapp'n AmiiboKapp'n Spirit
Kicks AmiiboKicks Spirit
Koopa Troopa AmiiboKoopa Troopa Spirit
Lottie AmiiboLottie Spirit
Wedding Mario AmiiboMario (Wedding) Fighter Spirit
Metroid AmiiboMetroid Spirit
Wolf Link AmiiboMidna Spirit
Mipha AmiiboMipha Spirit
Octoling Boy AmiiboOctoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit
Octoling Girl AmiiboOctoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit
Octoling Octopus AmiiboOctoling Octopus Spirit
Pearl AmiiboOff the Hook Spirit
Marina AmiiboOff the Hook Spirit
Wedding Peach AmiiboPeach (Wedding) Spirit
Qbby AmiiboQbby Spirit
Resetti AmiiboResetti Spirit
Revali AmiiboRevali Spirit
Rover AmiiboRover Spirit
Shovel Knight AmiiboShovel Knight Spirit
Callie AmiiboSquid Sisters Spirit
Marie AmiiboSquid Sisters Spirit
Tiki AmiiboTiki Spirit
Timmy and Tommy AmiiboTimmy and Tommy's Shop
Toad AmiiboToad Spirit
Tom Nook AmiiboTom Nook Spirit
Urbosa AmiiboUrbosa Spirit
Waddle Dee AmiiboWaddle Dee Spirit
Waluigi AmiiboWaluigi Spirit
Yarn Poochy AmiiboYarn Poochy Spirit

Contributed By: hypermoe, Takusho, and Yonniman.

Change Menu Music

To unlock the ability to change the menu music beat the World of Light for the first time.

Contributed By: Milkomeda.

New Game+ in World of Light

To unlock New Game+, you must reach the True Ending in World of Light.

Afterwards, you can enter New Game+ on your save file. All spirits and bosses return, making it a good way to earn more copies of spirits, and earning more skill spheres.

Contributed By: Godstriker8.

Unlock Characters via Classic Mode

In order to unlock characters via Classic Mode, you must beat Classic Mode with a certain character. When you do, you'll be challenged by a new character.

If you defeat the challenger, that character will be unlocked. If you lose to the challenger, you can fight them again in Challenger's Approach under the Games and More menu. The rematch isn't always available so you might need to wait some time before you can challenge them again.

The character unlocks are grouped in a particular way. In each group, if you use any of the previous characters in that group and complete Classic Mode, the next character in that group will challenge you. For example, completing Classic Mode with Mario will unlock Sonic. After Sonic is unlocked, completing Classic Mode with Mario or Sonic will unlock Bayonetta. After unlocking her, completing Classic Mode with Mario or Sonic or Bayonetta will unlocked Little Mac, and so on. At the end of each group, you'll be challenged by the first character in another group, meaning you can now use the entire group you just finished to help unlock that next group.

Here are the groups and the order in which the characters are unlocked (if you have unlocked a character via another means (Adventure Mode or regular gameplay), they will be skipped and the next character on the list will challenge you instead):

Mario Group:
Sonic -> Bayonetta -> Little Mac -> Ike -> Luigi -> Roy -> Dr. Mario -> Olimar -> Bowser (leads to Donkey Kong Group)

Donkey Kong Group:
Bowser -> Pokemon Trainer -> Rosalina & Luma -> King Dedede -> Sheik -> Greninja -> Diddy Kong -> Duck Hunt -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Link Group:
King K. Rool -> Ice Climbers -> Simon -> Meta Knight -> Snake -> Young Link -> Richter -> Toon Link -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Samus Group:
Inkling -> Wii Fit Trainer -> Pit -> Incineroar -> Dark Samus -> Cloud -> Wario -> Dark Pit -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Yoshi Group:
Lucario -> Marth -> Ryu -> Ganondorf -> Lucina -> Ridley -> Chrom -> Ken -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Kirby Group:
Ness -> Jigglypuff -> Pac-Man -> Zelda -> Robin -> Corrin -> Lucas -> Palutena -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Fox Group:
Captain Falcon -> Zero Suit Samus -> Peach -> Falco -> Daisy -> Bowser Jr. -> Wolf -> Mewtwo -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Pikachu Group:
Villager -> Shulk -> R.O.B. -> Mega Man -> Isabelle -> Mr. Game & Watch -> Pichu -> Sonic (leads to Mario Group)

Contributed By: SBAllen.

Unlock Characters via Gameplay

In order to unlock characters via regular gameplay, you must actively play the game for a small period of time. That is to say, you must actually move your character, use attacks, etc. After doing so, you'll be challenged by a new character. This challenge can either happen after finishing a match in Smash Mode or after exiting another mode like Adventure Mode.

If you defeat the challenger, that character will be unlocked. If you lose to the challenger, you can fight them again in Challenger's Approach under the Games and More menu. The rematch isn't always available so you might need to wait some time before you can challenge them again.

The order that characters will challenge you in this manner is fixed. If you have unlocked a character via another means (Classic Mode or Adventure Mode), they will be skipped and the next character on the list will challenge you instead. The order is as follows:

01. Ness
02. Zelda
03. Bowser
04. Pit
05. Inkling
06. Villager
07. Marth
08. Young Link
09. Wii Fit Trainer
10. Ice Climbers
11. Captain Falcon
12. Peach
13. Ryu
14. Ike
15. Jigglypuff
16. King K. Rool
17. Sonic
18. Simon
19. Zero Suit Samus
20. Little Mac
21. Isabelle
22. Shulk
23. Lucina
24. Wario
25. Ridley
26. Pokemon Trainer
27. Lucario
28. Daisy
29. Roy
30. King Dedede
31. R.O.B.
32. Falco
33. Luigi
34. Pichu
35. Richter
36. Lucas
37. Diddy Kong
38. Meta Knight
39. Snake
40. Ganondorf
41. Corrin
42 Mega Man
43. Bayonetta
44. Toon Link
45. Rosalina & Luma
46. Incineroar
47. Sheik
48. Olimar
50. Dark Samus
51. Wolf
52. Mr. Game & Watch
53. Robin
54. Dark Pit
55. Cloud
56. Duck Hunt
57. Ken
58. Greninja
59. Chrom
60. Mewtwo
61. Bowser Jr.
62. Dr. Mario
63. Palutena

Contributed By: SBAllen.

Unlock Default Mii Fighters

If you don't want to create your own Mii fighter, then you can unlock the default ones by finding them through specific locations in World of Light. Once unlocked, the default Mii Fighters can be used in every mode except Classic.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
World of Dark - Sacred Realm, after setting the red and blue torches to a 4:40 clock.Mii Brawler
World of Light - Island AreaMii Gunner
World of Light - Town AreaMii Swordfighter

Contributed By: Devon28746.

Unlock the True Ending of World of Light

During the Final Battle, Master Hand and Crazy Hand will be on the map.

Defeating Master Hand and causing the forces of light to have the advantage by defeating Dark Spirits will cause Master Hand to reappear. Defeat him once again to free him.

Defeating Crazy Hand and causing the forces of darkness to have the advantage by defeating mostly Light Spirits, will cause Crazy Hand to reappear. Defeat him once again to free him.

After both hands are freed, you must adjust the balance of power between light and dark to be equal, by leaving roughly the same amount of spirits on the board from both sides. Once the balance of power is equal to both sides, the path at the top of the map will lead to Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Go to their space to engage the true ending.

Contributed By: Godstriker8.

Easter Eggs

Palutena's Guidance

Palutena's Guidance is a special version of Pit's taunt. It only works when you quickly and repeatedly press Pit's down taunt button while on the Palutena's Temple stage. When it's activated, Palutena, Viridi, and a few other characters will appear and provide Pit with commentary and tactics about one of his opponents.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Secret Star Fox Taunts

Fox, Falco, and Wolf each have hidden taunts. They can only be activated when you quickly and repeatedly press their down taunt button while on a Star Fox-themed stage. Doing so will trigger conversations between the cast of the Star Fox games. The dialogue on Lylat Cruise will change depending on which background is currently on the screen. Only Fox and Falco have hidden taunts on the Corneria stage. These secret taunts can only be performed once per match, and can be interrupted if the character gets hit mid-animation or a Smash Ball or Dragoon is obtained.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Snake's Codec

Snake's Codec is a special version of his taunt. It can only be performed by quickly and repeatedly pressing Snake's down taunt while on the Shadow Moses Island stage. This will result in Snake contacting Colonel Campbell, Otacon, or Mei Ling from the Metal Gear series for tactical advice regarding his opponent. However, these are all recycled from their original Brawl versions; there are no Codecs for new fighters.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.


Alternate Boxing Ring Design

As in Smash for WiiU and 3DS, there are two different boxing designs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: One based on the World Circuit from Punch Out!! and another generic version with a Smash Bros. motif. By default the game chooses the Smash Bros. version when selected on the stage screen, but will change to the Punch Out!! design if the L button is held down when selecting it.

Contributed By: Miderb.

Fastest way to earn a lot of coins (~500 per minute)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, coins are earned at the end of each match based on the number of controller inputs registered by human players.

To quickly earn a lot coins, simply use two controllers (both Joy-Cons bundled with the Nintendo Switch will do just fine), set a timed match with two human players, and keep mashing down on both controllers to crouch repeatedly. You should earn anywhere from 2400 to 2600+ coins per 5 minute match with this method. Adjust match length to your liking.

Additional recommendations include throwing one character off stage once to avoid getting a Sudden Death, using characters that are able to crouch very fast (such as Marth & Lucina), and remove stage hazards and items.

Contributed By: Oracle-Raven.