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ARK: Survival Evolved

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How Ark: Survival Evolved Became A Big Success Without Loot Boxes Or Skins 08/16/19
The Best Xbox One Games On Sale For Memorial Day Weekend 05/21/19
New PC/Console MMO From Ark Dev Supports 40,000 Players At Once 12/06/18
ARK: Survival Evolved - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer 11/30/18
Top New Game Releases This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- November 25 - December 1 11/27/18
New Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction Expansion Is Live On PC, Consoles Later 11/08/18
ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Official Launch Trailer 11/06/18
Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Version Coming Soon, Features "All Content" From Original Game 10/28/18
ARK: Extinction - Official Announcement Trailer 06/19/18
Ark: Survival Evolved Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year 03/23/18
GS News Update: Nintendo Switch Version Of Ark: Survival Evolved Confirmed 03/21/18
GTA Mobile Dev Bringing Ark: Survival Evolved To Mobile 03/16/18
ARK - Mobile Announcement Trailer 03/15/18
ARK: Aberration - Launch Trailer 12/13/17
Ark: Survival Evolved's New Aberration Expansion Is Out Now, Here's All The Details 12/13/17
Nintendo Switch Is A "Great Platform" For Ark, Dev Says 11/14/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Respawn - Live Action Trailer by PIXOMONDO 11/07/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Xbox One Vs. Xbox One X Comparison Trailer 11/07/17
ARK: Survival Evolved Review: 6 / 10 09/13/17
Top 10 Best-Selling Games For Revealed For Past Week In Australia And New Zealand 09/06/17
Ark: Survival Evolved's New Expansion Revealed With Release Date In October 09/01/17
ARK: Survival Evolved Collector's Edition Giveaway (PS4/Xbox One) 09/01/17
Here Are This Week's New Xbox One Games 09/01/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Getting Live-Action Series From Game Of Thrones Studio 09/01/17
Making Friends and Taming Beasts in Ark: Survival Evolved - GameSpot Live 08/31/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Officially Launches Today 08/29/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Official Launch Trailer 08/29/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Answers Your Questions About Cross-Play, Switch, And More 08/27/17
Ark's Launch Trailer Shows The Crazy Stuff You Can Do, And An Adorable Otter 08/24/17
Ark Dev Talks Xbox One X And Says Sony Won't Allow Cross-Play 08/19/17
Win An Explorer Edition Of ARK: Survival Evolved On PS4 Or Xbox One! (Australia Only) 08/14/17
Ubisoft Praise Xbox One X; Ark: Survival Evolved Delayed! - GS News Roundup 07/31/17
GS News Update: Ark Survival Evolved Full Launch Delayed, New Release Date Revealed 07/31/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Full Launch Delayed, New Release Date Revealed 07/31/17
When Games Let You Find Your Own Story - Reboot Episode 10.5 07/23/17
What Do You Want To Know About Ark: Survival Evolved? 07/20/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Reverses Course, Won't Wipe PvP Servers After All 07/19/17
Ark: Survival Evolved Update For PC Out Today, New Map Delayed On PS4 And Xbox One 07/17/17
Ark: Survival Evolved PC Price Doubles Ahead Of Full Launch 07/06/17
E3 2017: Ark Survival Evolved Full Release Date Announced 06/12/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - E3 Pre-Order Trailer 06/12/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Patch 258 Trailer 05/30/17
Next Ark: Survival Evolved Update Out Now, Adds A New Pooping System And More 05/29/17
Big New Ark: Survival Evolved PS4/Xbox One Update Out Now, Here's What It Adds 05/18/17
New Ark: Survival Evolved Update Out Now On PC, Here's What It Adds 05/06/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Patch 257 Teaser Trailer 05/05/17
GS News - Nintendo Switch Sales Hit 2.7m; Huge Final Fantasy 15 Update! 04/27/17
Big Ark: Survival Evolved Update Out Now On PS4/Xbox One, Here's What It Does 04/27/17
Ark: Survival Evolved - Patch 256: Equus, Leedsichthys, Underwater Bases, and More! 04/26/17
Top 20 Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN For February 2017 Revealed 03/09/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - Patch 255 Trailer 02/27/17
Huge Ark Update Out Now On PS4 And Xbox One 02/16/17
Top 20 Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN For January 2017 Revealed 02/07/17
Ark: Survival Evolved For Nintendo Switch? No Plans Currently, Dev Says 02/04/17
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 01/31/17
Ark's Biggest Patch Ever Coming Next Week, Here's What It Adds 01/28/17
Ark Survival Tek Tier Lets You Fly Like Iron Man and Introduces Infamous Sheep 01/28/17
Ark: Survival Evolved - Tek Tier Trailer 01/28/17
Ark: Survival Evolved VR Spinoff Gets New Trailer 01/19/17
Pokemon Replace Dinosaurs in New Ark: Survival Evolved Mod 01/17/17
PlayStation Store's Most-Downloaded Games of 2016 Revealed 01/06/17
Xbox Live's Huge Sale Continues: Week 2 and New Daily Deals Revealed 01/01/17
ARK: Survival Evolved - ARK Park Trailer 12/15/16
Ark's VR Tie-In Game Lets You Live Out Your Jurassic Park Fantasies 12/15/16
New Releases: Super Mario Run, Stardew Valley, Wild Guns Reloaded 12/11/16
GS News Top 5 - ARK Survival Evolved on PS4 and Final Fantasy XV Updates! 12/09/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - PS4 Launch Trailer 12/06/16
PS4 Gets Dino/Dragon Open-World Game Ark: Survival Evolved Today 12/06/16
Dino Game Ark: Survival Evolved Finally Coming to PS4 Next Week 11/30/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - TEK Tier Gameplay Preview Trailer 11/14/16
Xbox One/PC Play Anywhere Support Coming to Ark in December Possibly 11/04/16
Giant Candy Corn, Skeletal Dinos, Zombie Dodos, and More Come to Ark in Halloween Update 10/28/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - Fear Evolved 2 Trailer 10/28/16
Ark: Survival Evolved - Patch 247 Archaeopteryx Trailer 09/12/16
Exploring Endgame and Manticore Final Boss - ARK: Scorched Earth Tour 09/10/16
High Level Monsters Explained - ARK: Scorched Earth DLC 09/10/16
Ark Dev Responds Concerns About "Finished" Expansion 09/06/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - Scorched Earth Trailer 09/01/16
Ark's First Expansion Out Now, Includes Dragons, 50+ New Items, and More 09/01/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Teases "Mega-Update," Planning Graphics Improvement on Xbox One 08/30/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 08/30/16
GS News - No Man’s Sky "Not For Everyone"; No Ark: Survival Evolved For PS4 08/08/16
Sony Won't Allow In-Development Ark: Survival Evolved on PS4, Dev Says 08/08/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Reaches 5.5M Players, Free Version Going Away on PC 08/06/16
Play These Two Steam Games for Free This Weekend 07/28/16
Dino Game Ark's Free PS4 Version "On Hold," But Regular Game Coming Sooner 07/21/16
New Ark Survival Evolved Update Lets You Be a Dinosaur 06/13/16
Ark: Survival Evolved - The Redwood Biomes Update and Titanosaur Spotlight 06/13/16
ARK: Primal Survival - Official Trailer 06/13/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 05/17/16
Ark: Survival Evolved - Spotlight: Lystrosaurus, Sabertooth Salmon, and Arthropluera! 05/04/16
The Top 10 Most Graphically Demanding PC Games 04/29/16
Dino Game Ark Passes New Sales Milestone on Xbox One and PC, Full Release Delayed 04/22/16
Ark: Survival Evolved's Spinoff Heads to PS4 With Real Cash Prizes 04/21/16
Ark Dev Settles Lawsuit for Reported $40 Million 04/15/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One Patch Improves Frame Rate, Adds New Dinos 04/08/16
Dinosaurs Invade Esports: How Ark Is Evolving 03/23/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Lawsuit Could Force Dev to Remove the Game 03/23/16
Ark Survival Evolved: Survival of the Fittest Trailer 03/15/16
Hunger Games-Like Ark: Survival Evolved Spinoff Launches Today on PC 03/15/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - Spotlight: Castoroides 02/24/16
Giant Beaver and Human Handcuffs Come to Dino Game Ark in New Update 02/24/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One Update Brings Split-Screen Multiplayer and More 02/12/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - Split-Screen Gameplay 02/12/16
ARK: Survival Evolved - Spotlight: Terror Bird 02/05/16
Ark's Latest Update Adds "Terror Bird," Grappling Hooks, and More 02/05/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Talks Frame Rate Issues, PS4 Version, Comparisons to Minecraft 02/02/16
Ark's Next Xbox One Update Improves Frame Rate, Adds Split-Screen 02/01/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Update Adds Fast Three-Seater Dinosaur and New Items 01/28/16
Ark Xbox One Gets First Update, Adding Prehistoric Kangaroo and More 01/15/16
ARK: Survival Evolved Dung Beetle Trailer 01/14/16
New Ark Update Adds Dung Beetle and Beer Kegs 01/14/16
Ark: Survival Evolved Spotlight: Procoptodon 01/04/16
Ark Reaches 1 Million Downloads on Xbox One, Daily Players Higher Than PC 01/04/16
Gigantic Prehistoric Kangaroo Comes to Dino Game Ark in New Update 12/31/15
ARK: Sruvival Evolved - Winter Wonderland 12/23/15
Steam's Best-Selling 2015 Games Revealed in Preliminary Report 12/23/15
Fight Dinosaurs With a Candy Cane Weapon in Ark's Holiday Update 12/23/15
GS News Top 5 - Kojima Starting New Franchise; Bayonetta Joins Smash Bros.! 12/18/15
After Reaching 2.5 Million Players on PC, Ark: Survival Evolved Comes to Xbox One 12/16/15
Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One Getting Two-Player Local Split-Screen 12/15/15
Ark: Survival Evolved Lets Players Host Their Own Servers on Xbox One 12/14/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Xbox One Preview 12/10/15
Here's When Ark: Survival Evolved Comes to Xbox One and What It Comes With 12/09/15
2015's Top 10 Video Games on YouTube and More Revealed 12/08/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Spotlight: Oviraptor! 12/02/15
PC Dinosaur Game Ark Adds One of Its "Trolliest" Creatures Ever 12/01/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Turkey Trial 11/25/15
Hunt a Super Turkey in PC Dinosaur Game Ark's Thanksgiving Event 11/25/15
ARK: Survival Evolved - Compsognathus Spotlight! 11/23/15
Ark Update Adds One of Its Tiniest Dinosaurs Yet 11/21/15
Xbox One Version of Dinosaur Game Ark Coming Very Soon 11/19/15
Ark Survival - Spotlight: Kairuku & Angler 11/13/15
Dino Game Ark Adds Ancient Penguin, Giant Anglerfish, New Warring System 11/12/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Giganotosaurus Spotlight 11/04/15
PC Dinosaur Game Ark Adds Massive, Deadly Giganotosaurus 11/04/15
PC Dinosaur Game Ark's Halloween Update Lets You Fight Zombie Dodo Birds 10/09/15
Dino Game Ark: Survival Evolved Has Now Sold This Many Copies 10/09/15
ARK: Survival Evolved - Snow and Swamp Biome Trailer 09/28/15
Ride a Giant Frog or Extinct Deer in Ark's Latest Update 09/28/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Spotlight Pachycephalosaurus 09/11/15
Play Ark: Survival Evolved and Company of Heroes 2 for Free on Steam This Weekend 08/27/15
Dinosaurs Fall From the Sky in Ark: Survival Evolved, Thanks to New Mod Tools 08/14/15
Ark: Survival Evolved - Gamescom 2015 Xbox One Trailer 08/04/15
Thimbleweed and Ark: Survival Evolved - Gamescom 2015 08/04/15
Dinosaur-Survival PC Game Ark Sells 1 Million, Gets New Mod Support 07/07/15
Get $200 by Reporting Online Hacks in Dinosaur Game Ark 06/25/15
ARK: Survival Evolved Early Access Review 06/11/15
GS News - Xbox One Witcher 3 Patch Lands, Early Access Dino Game Makes $10m! 06/10/15
Awesome-Looking Dino Game, Which Isn't Even Done, Has Already Generated $10 Million 06/10/15
Now Playing - ARK: Survival Evolved 06/01/15
GS News Top 5 - Xbox One Outsells PS4; Dinosaur Survival Game Coming! 05/15/15
ARK: Survival Evolved Announcement Trailer 05/11/15
Xbox One, PS4, PC Getting Open-World Dinosaur Survival Game 05/11/15