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Fallout Shelter

News Articles from GameSpot

Fallout Shelter Coming To Tesla Cars 06/13/19
After Lawsuit From Bethesda, The Westworld Mobile Game Is Shutting Down 01/16/19
Bethesda Settles Lawsuit Over Westworld Game It Claimed Was A Ripoff Of Fallout Shelter 01/03/19
The Free Game Fallout Shelter Has Made More Than $90 Million From Microtransactions 08/08/18
Warner Bros. Denies Westworld Game Copied Fallout Shelter 06/29/18
Bethesda Files Lawsuit Over "Blatant Ripoff" Westworld Game - GS News Update 06/22/18
Fallout Shelter - Nintendo Switch Trailer | E3 2018 06/12/18
E3 2018: Every Game Announced That's Out Right Now 06/12/18
E3 2018: Fallout Shelter For Nintendo Switch And PS4 Announced, Out Now 06/10/18
Fallout Shelter Passes 100 Million Downloads And Here's How Bethesda Is Celebrating 09/14/17
Why Bethesda Won't Say If Fallout Shelter Is Coming To PS4 05/15/17
Fallout Shelter Out Now On Steam 03/29/17
Fallout 3 Creator On The Future Of RPGs, Open-World Games, And Nintendo Switch 02/23/17
GS News - Blizzard Talk Overwatch's Next Hero; Bethesda's New Projects! 02/20/17
Skyrim Director Teases Next Mobile Game 02/17/17
Is Fallout Shelter Coming To PS4? "Dunno," Bethesda Boss Says 02/08/17
PSA: Free Fallout Shelter Is Out Now On Xbox One And Windows 10 02/07/17
Fallout Shelter - Now Available on Xbox One and Windows 10 02/07/17
GS News Update: Fallout Shelter Launches On Xbox One Next Week 02/03/17
Fallout Shelter Launches On Xbox One Next Week 02/03/17
Fallout Shelter Gets Holiday Update, Adds New Quests and Themed Items 12/21/16
New Fallout Shelter Update Out Now, Here's What It Does 11/17/16
New Fallout Shelter Update Lets You Show Off Your Fallout 4 Faction and More 10/06/16
Bring Fallout 4 Into Your Text Messages With Fallout Shelter's New iOS 10 Stickers 09/22/16
Fallout 4 Nuka-World Characters Come to Fallout Shelter 08/25/16
Fallout Shelter Was Entirely Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard's Idea 08/05/16
Fallout Shelter Arrives in Another Massive Market 07/22/16
Fallout Shelter - Quests and PC Version Trailer 07/14/16
Fallout Shelter's Huge Update Out Now, Here's What It Adds 07/14/16
Fallout Shelter Hits PC Today, Here's How to Get It 07/13/16
GS News Update: Fallout Shelter Update 1.6 & PC Version To Launch This Week 07/10/16
Fallout Shelter Hits PC, Gets Huge Mobile Update Next Week 07/09/16
Fallout Shelter Reaches 50 Million Players 06/12/16
Big Fallout Shelter Update Coming Soon Alongside PC Version 06/12/16
Fallout Shelter Microtransactions Are 50% Off for Easter 03/25/16
Fallout Shelter - Update 1.4 w/ New Features 03/03/16
Fallout Shelter's Biggest Update Ever Has Arrived, Watch New Video Here 03/03/16
Fallout Shelter Getting Biggest Update Ever, Here's What It Includes 02/29/16
After Big Success of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda Making More Mobile Games 02/19/16
The Best Mobile Games of 2015 12/15/15
Fallout Shelter Update Brings Pets to the Vault 12/10/15
Fallout Shelter Gets Thanksgiving Update, See the New Content Here 11/22/15
Fallout Shelter Gets Halloween-Themed Update 10/23/15
New Fallout 4 Character Added in Fallout Shelter Update 10/15/15
Fallout Shelter - Update 1.2 Trailer 10/15/15
1 Billion Fallout Shelter Sessions Played in First Month 08/19/15
Fallout Shelter Available Now on Android 08/13/15
Fallout Shelter Finally Coming to Android Next Month, Getting Big Update 07/24/15
Fallout Shelter Makes $5.1 Million in First Two Weeks, Research Firm Says 07/16/15
New Fallout Shelter Update Adds Photo Mode, Fixes Pregnancy Problems 07/10/15
Fallout Shelter Android Version Release Window Revealed 07/02/15
First Fallout 4 Character Comes to Fallout Shelter Today 06/30/15
Fallout Shelter Demo E3 2015 06/14/15