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MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies



There are 36 trophies total: 1 platinum trophy, 5 gold trophies, 10 silver trophies, and 20 bronze trophies.

You fused something at the shop for the first time.Alchemist
Cleared Scene 1.And... ACTION!
Started a game by selecting Story Mode.Blanc Booting Up
Cleared Scene 5.Blanc's Youth
Defeated every enemy once.Bloodlust!
Achieved 1,000 hit Combo.Combo Champion
You've defeated all big bosses.Dark History Hunter
Cleared Scene 9.Ditzy Thug
Gathered all Dark History parts.Don't Piss Off HachimaJin!
Cleared Scene 10.Double Mains!
All events have been viewed.Event Maestro
Collected 20 types of accessories.Fashionista!
Cleared Scene 8.Fiery Transfer Student
Cleared Scene 3.Frantic Newspaper Club
Started Multiplay mode.Friendly CPUs
Transformed for the first time.I'm Going for It!
Reached a 5,000 hit combo.Iron Comboist
Maxed 1 pair of Lily Rank.Lily Lover
Cleared Scene 4.Magical Noirina
A character reached level 99.Maxed Out!
Your money has reached 100,000 credits.Moar Monies
Cleared a total of 100 cuts or quests.Movie Marathon
Cleared Scene 11.Mystery of HachimaJin
Viewed an alternate cut for the first time.Perfect Casting!
All characters became your friends in story mode.Places, People!
Cleared Scene 2.Purify the School!
Found all treasure.Rare Mania
Cleared story mode.Renowned Director Blanc
Cleared Scene 6.Strike the Set!
Used EXE Drive for the first time.Super Axe Blow
Cleared cut or quest with SSS rank.Super Strike Student!
You crushed MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies!Tagmension Master
Cleared Scene 12.That's a Wrap!
Viewed Backstage Talk for the first time.VIP Access!
Cleared Scene 7.We're Making a Sequel?!
Collected 50 types of weapons.Weapon Collector

Contributed By: Rellni944.