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Bad Apple Wars



There are 22 trophies total: 1 platinum trophy, 6 gold trophies, 13 silver trophies, and 2 bronze trophies.

See Shikishima's NEVAEH ending.A Colorless Place
Achieve 100% completion for the movie gallery.A Day at the Movies
See Alma's ending and epilogue.A Promise is a Promise
See Watase's ending and epilogue.A Promised Kiss
See Higa's ending and epilogue.All of Me
See every CG of Shikishima.Art Show
Touched your first Soul.Bad Touch
See Shikishima's ending and epilogue.Beautiful World
See Higa's NEVAEH ending.Don't You Need Me?
Achieve 100% completion of the flowchart.Gone with the Flow
See Watase's NEVAEH ending.Her Despair
Obtain every trophy.How Do You Like Them Apples?
See every CG of Higa.How Many CGs Does Higa?
See every CG of Watase.Look at this Watasegraph
See every CG of Satoru.Perfect Score
See Satoru's NEVAEH ending.Repeated Meetings
Got accepted to NEVAEH Academy.That First Day's a Killer
Achieve 100% completion for the music player.The Apple of My Ear
See Satoru's ending and epilogue.The Person I Love
See Alma's NEVAEH ending.The Reason for My Tears
Achieve 100% completion for the CG gallery.Worth a Couple Thousand Words
See every CG of Alma.You've Seen Alma CGs

Contributed By: Rellni944.