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Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors


Trophy List

There is 1 platinum, 1 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze trophies in this game.

You've cleared the third area, Bloody Hell.Cleared Bloody Hell!
You've cleared Cell Block 946.Cleared Cell Block 946!
You've cleared the secret sector, Girl's Garden.Cleared Girl's Garden!
You've cleared the second area, Hellfire.Cleared Hellfire!
You've cleared the X Layer, Manager's Floor.Cleared Manager's Floor!
You've cleared the first area, Maze Hell.Cleared Maze Hell!
You've cleared the Fragments of Memory in Sunken World.Cleared Sunken World!
You've cleared the World of Eternal Sin.Cleared the Final Trial!
Watched Lily's EndingFind Pleasure in Work
Watched Sui's special ending.First date at the theme park!
Watched Shinoa's Ending.Friend of My Friend
All Motivations have been maxed out!God of Motivation
Watched the hidden ending.Harem in Hell
Watched Shinoa's special ending.He taught me so much!
Watched Mizuki's ending.I Love Grandma!
Watched Kuroe's special ending.I want to be with you.
Watched Tsukasa's special ending.I'll be happy as long as I'm with you.
Kuroe became a Knight.Kuroe Knighted
Accomplished Kuroe's Girl's Wish.Kuroe's Feelings
Lily became a Knight.Lily Knighted
Accomplished Lily's Girl's Wish.Lily's Feelings
Watched Lily's special ending.Meet the parents!?
Mizuki became a Knight.Mizuki Knighted
Accomplished Mizuki's Girl's Wish.Mizuki's Feelings
Watched Mizuki's special ending.My very first love.
You've achieved all of the trophies!Reformed
Leveled up everyone to max with Scrubby Scrub.Scrubby ScruBest!
Watched Kuroe's ending.See the World
Shinoa became a Knight.Shinoa Knighted
Accomplished Shinoa's Girl's Wish.Shinoa's Feelings
Leveled up everyone to max with Shocking Bondage.Shocking BonDuke!
Leveled up everyone to max with Slimeshot.SlimeSniper!
Leveled up everyone to max with Spanking X.SpanKing!
Leveled up everyone to max with Squishy Squish.Squishy Skill!
Sui became a Knight.Sui Knighted
Accomplished Sui's Girl's Wish.Sui's Feelings
Watched Yurine's ending.Teach the Future
Watched Tsukasa's ending.Thank You, Dad
You've collected all treasure chests!Treasure Master!
Watched Sui's ending.Treasure This Friendship
Tsukasa became a Knight.Tsukasa Knighted
Accomplished Tsukasa's Girl's Wish.Tsukasa's Feelings
Watched Yurine's special ending.You'll always be my teacher.
Yurine became a Knight.Yurine Knighted
Accomplished Yurine's Girl's Wish.Yurine's Feelings

Contributed By: aces4839.