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Castle Invasion: Throne Out



Fully Upgrade the CrossbowAutomatic Charges
Fully Upgrade the SpearEx Spear-imental Weaponry
Complete Level 1Exchanging Peasantaries
Defeat the Evil ArcherJust a Fletch Wound
Collect 50 StarsJust Star-ting Out
Collect 150 StarsMany Re-star-ts Later
Fully Upgrade the BowOn a Bow String Budget
Defeat the King!Receding Heir Line
Defeat the King's CommanderStand Tall
Collect 100 StarsStar-tling Progress
Defeat the King's TrollThe Art of Trolling
Defeat the King's DragonTipping the Scales
Unlock all Upgrades!Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.