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Necrosphere Deluxe



There are 9 bronze trophies, 3 silver trophies, and 1 gold trophy.

Finish the game dying less than 100 timesAlmost Flawless Execution
Finish "Terry's Dream" Side StoryDreamcatcher
Collect 10 DVDSDVD Collector
Finish the game without dyingIDDQD
Pick up the second powerupInvisible Gauntlets
Finish the game In less than 30 minutesNecrosphere Done Quick
Read all messages and light all torchesOCD
Pick up the secret powerupOP
Collect up all DVDSSitcom Fan!
Pick up the first powerupSpandex
Pick up the third powerupVertical Freedom
Finish the gameYou did it!
Finish the game with all DVDs in less than 35 minutesZoasts 'n Goats

Contributed By: Kelayr.