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Gravity Rush

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Asia Shippin' Out Feb 5-11: Gravity Daze, Darkness II, Amalur 02/06/12
PS Vita hits shelves with 20 titles 12/22/11
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Sony to host PlayStation Vita tour in Japan 11/04/11
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Sony showing 18 unannounced PS Vita games at TGS 09/01/11
Gravity Daze (working title) Interview With Keiichiro Toyama 08/22/11
PlayStation Vita E3 2011 Aftermath Video Feature 06/28/11
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E3 2011: Gravity Daze Hands-On Preview 06/07/11
First NGP games announced 01/27/11
NGP will sell for $300-$350 - Analyst 01/27/11
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Sony's 'Next Generation Portable' due out this holiday 01/26/11