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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational


Golden Crowns

You can unlock these by defeating the Gold VS. Character (you still must complete the tasks, but the requirements will be listed on the tournament screen).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Usually takes around -7 with no bogeys, make sure to hit your GIR and fairways for extra points1-1: Win with 2000+ points
Tap down at power, up at impact for the super topspin rising pin effect during a chip1-2: Use a rising shot and Win
Make sure to bring an Expert Character with plenty of power to drive the green on a Par 4, the third hole is your best bet1-3: Hit GIR in 1 Stroke on a Par 4 and Win
Make sure you land the ball on the green 100% of the time on your: 1st shot of a Par 3, 2nd shot of a Par 4, and 3rd shot of a Par 51-4: Win with GIR frequency 100%
Commit three bogeys in your round, it will take just +2 to win, so this is not a difficult task on an 18-hole course1-5: Win with over 3 bogeys
The Par 5 third hole is your best chance [NOTE: The Outfit VS. Challenges require the same accomplishments to achieve the Golden Crown]1-vs: Win with an eagle
Make sure you achieve perfect impact on at least 50% of your shots2-1: Just impact frequency 50% or more
Land the ball in the fairway on every par 4 and 5 tee shot2-2: Win with fairways hit 100%
Just be sure to add spin to every shot including chips/bunker saves/etc2-3: Win and add a spin on all your shots
Usually takes around -7 with no bogeys, make sure to hit your GIR and fairways for extra points2-4: Win with 2000+ points
Simply resist putting spin on any shot, as a result, anticipate your ball landing sooner and rolling further2-5: Win and don't use a spin shot
Defeat the VS. character in the first three holes, be careful he's a punk on the Par 32-vs: Win within the first 3 holes
Sink a put of that distance, find a smooth green and plan ahead3-1: Win with 30ft or more putt/par or better
Strike the pin with a shot, you'll have to see the +30 Points and the words "Pin Shot" appear on screen (doing a rising pin shot does not work)3-2: Win and use a pin shot
Three straight holes, three straight birdies3-3: Win with 3 birdies in a row
No roughs, including semi/light-rough, but bunkers are ok3-4: Win and don't land in any roughs
Three holes, three straight birds3-5: Win with 3 birdies in a row
Land as close to the cup as possible, and finish with no more than one putt3-vs: Win and all holes must be done within 1 putt
Less meaning better than -3, not worse4-1: Total score must be -3 or less
Instead of having to 100% you only need to hit 80%, put on your pants and go for 100% just to be safe4-2: Win and Fairways hit must be 80% or more
Make sure to hit each green in 1 shot on a Par 3, 2nd shot of a Par 4, and 3rd shot of a Par 54-3: Win with GIR frequency 100%
So if you shot -3 or worse, no Crown for you4-4: Total score must be -4 or less
Don't hit your ball out of bounds or in a water hazard4-5: Win with no OB/WB
Beat the VS. opponent with consecutive birdies to end the match, anticipate results accordingly4-vs: Win with consecutive birdies
Land the ball quite close to the cup, must be GIR5-1: Win with a shot 3ft within pin (par on or better)
It's tough, but resist using spin shots and focus on getting +2 or better to secure a victory5-2: Win and don't use spin shots
1st shot of a Par 3, 2nd shot of a Par 4, 3rd shot of a Par 55-3: Win with GIR frequency 100%
It's really as simple as getting 1500 points, and because it's mega-cup you shouldn't have an issue.5-4: Win and get 1500 points or more
It's best to plan ahead using the back touch to find a good spot on the fringe to chip from5-5: Win and get a chip in birdie or better
Pretty simple, don't bogey; achieve par or better on every hole whether you win or lose the hole5-vs: Win with no bogeys
Land a ball close to the cup, must be GIR6-1: Win with a shot 6ft within pin (par on or better)
Don't let your ball go in a water hazard or out of bounds6-2: Win with no OB/WB
Don't land your ball in a bunker6-3: Win with no bunkers
Land the ball within 9 feet, must be GIR6-4: Win with a shot 9ft within pin (par on or better)
On the final hole, get a birdie or better6-5: Win and get a birdie or better on the last hole
Beat the VS. Opponent but do not press square to activate power mode for any shot6-vs: Win and don't use power mode
Do not change the club that is selected for you for each shot/chip/putt/etc7-vs: Win and use only set number club

Contributed By: whydrewk.



There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Win VS Grace on Pro Rank.A True Hot Shots Golfer
Purchase a Lv3 club or ball.Absolute Class
Get every trophy.All our thanks to Everybody's Golfers!
Purchase every piece of concept art.Art Fancier
Purchase every Music track.Audiophile
Perform a homing shot in an official round.Chaser of the Flame
Win VS Stuart on Bronze Rank.Chewing Up Challenges
Gain membership to every course.Courses Complete!
Enter a Daily Int'l Tournament and complete the round.Daily Participant
Purchase a costume.Fancy Dresser
Gain access to Amy as a playable character.Fear the Receptionist!
Purchase every type of ball and club.Gear Collector
Purchase Lv3 versions of every ball with levels.Gear Master
Score an hole-in-one in an official round.Go for the Ace!
Perform a rising shot in an official round.Greased Lightning
Raise all characters' loyalty to max.I Love Everybody!
Score an albatross in an official round.It's a Miracle!
Win VS Pandora on Gold Rank.Journey's End...?
Collect every crown in Challenge Mode.King of Kings
Collect over 50% of the normal parts.Lobby Character Part Collector
Collect over 50% of the special parts.Lobby Character Part Lover
Collect over 50% of the deluxe parts.Lobby Character Part Maniac
Score a birdie in an official round.My First Birdie
Perform a chip-in in an official round.My First Chip-In
Hit a drive over 350 yards in an official round.Overwhelming Power
Perform a spiral shot in an official round.Perfect Spiral
Sink a putt over 15m long in an official round.Putting Pro
Score an eagle in an official round.Rockin' Score
Use every shot type in an official round.Shot Type Selector
Win VS Pancho on Amateur Rank.So Long, Amateur League
Purchase every item in the shop.SOLD OUT
Collect every star in Challenge Mode.Starry Night
Win VS Isabelle on Beginner Rank.The Challenge Begins
Win VS Max on Silver Rank.The Climax!
Win VS Izzak on Platinum Rank.The Real Ending!
Raise one character's loyalty to max.True Dedication
Skip the ball across water three or more times in a row in an official round.Watery Wonder

Contributed By: Guard Master.