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Resistance: Burning Skies


New Game +

This option first appears in the single player menu, after you have completed the single player campaign. New Game + will allow you to carry over your unlocked weapons, each upgrade you've unlocked, and any unused Grey Tech cubes you have found.

Contributed By: TheWildOneV1.

Superhuman difficulty

After completing this single player campaign, this difficulty become available when you start a new game.

Contributed By: TheWildOneV1.



There are 10 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 7 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Kill 50 Chimera with Riley's axe in the Single Player CampaignAxed
Kill 100 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player CampaignBoom
Upgrade both slots of a weapon in the Single Player CampaignCombine
Successfully complete level 6Conversion Tower
Upgrade all weapons in the Single Player CampaignCustomize
Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player CampaignDangerous
Kill 500 Chimera in the Single Player CampaignDeadly
Successfully complete level 4Ellis Island
Kill an ExecutionerExecuted
Kill GorrellG-man
Successfully complete level 3George Washington Bridge
Kill any combination of 18 Impalers or ExecutionersGiant
Kill an ImpalerImpaled
Complete one round of multiplayerIncite
Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player CampaignIndiscriminate
Kill the LeviathanInhuman
Kill 1000 Chimera in the Single Player CampaignLethal
Successfully complete level 2Military Ocean Terminal
Kill 50 Chimera by detonating their heatstacks in the Single Player CampaignOverheat
Earn all trophiesPlatinum
Successfully complete level 5Protection Camp
Successfully complete level 1Staten Island
Kill the AbominationUnnatural
Upgrade a weapon in the Single Player CampaignUpgrade
Use the secondary fire of each weapon in the Single Player CampaignVariety

Contributed By: Guard Master.