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There are 13 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Finish Between the Pages without losing your StampBetween the Pages
Finish Between the PagesCataclysm
Finish Gibbet HillCatastrophe
100% complete the gameCompletist
Create 10 Decorations with the Cutting MatCrafty
Dispatch 40 Scraps with your fingerDangerous Digit
Complete all the "extra things to do"Do-Gooder
Take a photo of the other MessengerDoppleganger
Throw a Gopher at a ScrapFree Hug
Collect all the hidden presentsGifted
Take a photo in each ChapterGlobe Trotter
Take a black and white photo of a Gopher riding an ElkGood Old Days
Finish the Tear without losing your StampGrand Tear
Dispatch 10 Scraps while riding the PigHam-Fisted
Open your first PresentHappy Birthday
Complete your first "extra thing to do"Helping Hand
Complete 10 "extra things to do"Humanitarian
Collect 30 presentsInspiring Presents
Take a sepia photo of a Squirrel eating an acornLunch Break
Take 15 photos of the paper worldPaperazzi
Unlock your first papercraft planPapercraft Beginner
Collect 25 papercraft plansPapercraft Enthusiast
Collect all the papercraft plans in the worldPapercraft Wizard
Collect all the other trophiesPerfectionist
Dispatch all the ScrapsScrapped
Dispatch 200 ScrapsShredder
Put more than 10 Decorations on your MessengerToo Much Swag
Tumble a pile of 6 ScrapsTower of Doom
Finish the Wendigo Fissure without losing your StampWendigo Fissure
Take a photo of Yellow HeadYellow Head
Finish the gameYou Have 1 New Message

Contributed By: Guard Master.