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Final Horizon



There are 19 Bronze Trophies, 15 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete both secondary objectives on Acari 2 at the same timeAlien Homeworld
Kill 250 Level 1 Spider TanksArachnophobia
Kill 100 ScarabsBeetlebug
Complete GroundQuake trainingBoom shake the room
Complete Afterburner trainingBring the heat
Complete a Score Challenge levelChallenge yourself
Kill 2500 Level 1 Spider TanksCrushed like a bug in the ground
Get 300 kills with the ThunderboltDanger! High Voltage
Kill just one enemy with the Orbital Bombardment KillstreakEverybody's dead, Dave
Complete Acari 3 with no damage to the planetary drillFlawless Victory!
Kill 250 HornetsFly swatter
Complete both secondary objectives on Ushtuk 3 at the same timeFrostbite
Kill 100 WaspsFull of Venom
Complete both secondary objectives in Vega Delta 8 at the same timeGet to the chopper!
Complete Icarus launcher trainingIcarus unleashed
Get 10 kills with a missile killstreakKill it with fire!
Unlock all the Swarm units from the main game in the Object Intel viewerKnow your enemy
Evacuate the Vega SystemMake like a shepherd
Complete any Planet 100%Mostly Harmless
Get 5 kills with one Firestrike blastNuke them from orbit
Get 250 Boost killsPan-galactic gargle blaster
Complete both secondary objectives on Kondoi 4 at the same timePer Ardua ad Astra
Kill 2500 HornetsPest control
Kill 20 Swarm with a single KillstreakPhilip J Fried
Get a 15X bonus multiplier in a Score Challenge gamePlayer of Games
Complete a Score challenge with a 4X score modifierPush through the pain barrier
Locate the Swarm home systemSet course for Alderaan
Complete any Act 100%Shipwrecked and Comatose
Kill 120 SkorpionsSting in the tail
Complete a Score challenge with a 2X score modifierTake it to the next level
Unlock all the other trophiesThe Destroyer of Worlds
Complete the story 100%The Final Horizon
Reveal every item from the main game in the Object Intel viewerThe fog is lifted
Destroy the Swarm home planetThe only way to be sure
Complete Vega Delta VR modesTraining Day
Kill 10 L1 SpiderTanks with GroundQuake shellsUse of Weapons
Complete all weapons trainingVirtual Insanity
Make a kill with the third arc from a Thunderbolt L2Weird science

Contributed By: Guard Master.