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Stranger of Sword City



There are 45 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 15 Silver, 27 Bronze.

You obtained an A rank equipment.A Rank Item Collector
Escaped from the Elder's evil clutches and completed the quest [Land of the Origin].Alm Awoken
You have won 20 ambush battles.Ambush Pro
You have won an ambush battle.Ambush Rookie
You have won 50 ambush battles.Ambush Veteran
You obtained a B rank equipment.B Rank Item Collector
You have re-hunted a Lineage Type for the first time.Beginner Hunter
You hunted Lineage Type Ghost Captain.Belated Hero
You hunted Lineage Type Tri-Color.Butterfly Effect
You obtained a C rank equipment.C Rank Item Collector
Hunted Charon and completed the quest [Mausoleum of Storms].Cemetery of Sky Ships
You hunted Lineage Type Mukabu the Third.Chocolate Maniac
Finished the Dragon God's challenge and unleashed yourself from the chains of destiny.Chosen Vessel of the Dragon God
Your first time seeing a Butterfly Nest.Collector
You obtained a D rank equipment.D Rank Item Collector
You have begun to hunt down the Lineage Types that hide within the labyrinths.Departure
You found 10 Butterfly Nests.Dilettante
You have obtained the mighty giant cursed katana.Disgusting Cursed Katana
Hunted down Death Dragon and completed the quest [Elder's Suggestion].Dragon Killer
You obtained an E rank equipment.E Rank Item Collector
Hunted down Kyo, who ambushed the guild.Fate of a Traitor
You retrieved Anna's Undies.Fish in Troubled Waters
Found out the truth from Dranserk at the Mausoleum of Ice.Frozen Truth
Reached the end of the story.God's Heart
Performed an evaluation with Armor Knights and completed the quest [Knight Standoff].Hardass Instructor
You have hunted down 20 Lineage Types in one playthrough.High-Class Hunter
Traveled through the Valley of the Ruined and completed the quest [Call From Kyo].Insane Betrayal
You hunted Lineage Type Jormungand.Large Appetite
You have obtained the legendary katana, Muramasa.Legendary Magical Katana
You have obtained Small Muramasa.Legendary Small Katana
Hunted down Le Musa and completed the quest [Poison to Poison].Life-Shaving Dust
You found 30 Butterfly Nests.Maven
Completed a quest for Gnuta.My Friends
You retrieved Gurrba Panties.Receiving a Windfall
You obtained an S rank equipment.S Rank Item Collector
Reached the deepest end of the sea and discovered Marilith's secrets.Secret that Lies Beneath the Sea
Completed the quest [Sudden Departure].Separation from Anna
Completed a quest for the Phoenix Brother Squad and completed the quest [Phoenix Squad].Shop Territory
You have hunted down 10 Lineage Types in one playthrough.Skilled Hunter
You have been registered as a Chosen One at the Strangers Guild.Stranger
You've got all of the Stranger of Sword City Trophies! Thank you very much for playing!Stranger of Sword City
You have created your own character.Support Member
You fed Mumic a unique item.Supreme Dining Table
You hunted Lineage Type Blue Head.Unexpected Opponent
Performed a sacrifice at Monolith and completed the quest [Dimension Gate].Unintentional Disaster

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.