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Battle of Puppets


Battle of Puppets is an addictive, fascinatingly odd, and truly original linear strategy game. With a vibrant artistic style, it combines, the hallowed art of puppetry, with ruthless marionette combat!"A distinctive art style and a plethora of cool features" - TUAW"Battle of Puppets is absolutely oozing character and charm through its amazing art style and other really clever features... The amount of thought and small touches developers Small Wonders put in to the game is awesome." - Touch Arcade"Visually appealing and with an operatic setting like no other" - Pocket Gamer silver award winner"If this game doesn’t get nominated somewhere for graphical achievement, I just will NOT understand." - The Appera"Battle of Puppets is top notch in terms of art design and visual effects. Animations of the characters, backgrounds, and battles are great." - App SmileYOU’LL NEED TO PULL SOME STRINGS!You select and perform an opera in a series of 22 American theatres, each with its own custom backdrop of famous landmarks. Each competition then pits you as the puppeteer to strategically build units, upgrade your castle and outposts, and even cast spells using written gestures to destroy the opposing forces and win the affection of the crowd. With 6 professions to unlock, you can learn to repair your troops, mind control the enemy, boo the opposition, and more! Each of the 5 operas vary significantly in terms of their relative strengths and weaknesses, unit types, building speeds, and most interestingly, how they are affected by changing weather conditions. Choose the best route across the country based on the weather in each city! Battle of Puppets is easy to learn but the strategy is hard to master! Features: Maps: • 22 unique locations, each with changing backdrops for day and night.Armies: • play as any of the 5 different armies, each representing famous operas. • 20 distinctive unit typesModes: • 3 game-play modes • Battleground - destroy the enemy castle • Survival - stay alive! • Fast Battleground - destroy the enemy fast • 3 difficulty levels • 3 distict user profilesProfessions: • 6 unlockable professions let players cast magic on the enemyClimate: • Multiple climates that affect your troops in battleLanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French.Now with Open Feint
Release Date: January 18, 2014