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Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed


In-game Cheats

Fulfill the following conditions to unlock in-game cheats! Once unlocked they will appear in Options menu

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Game and load Story ModeChoose Normal or HDD Form from Character Select
Finish Neptral Tower with all 10 CharactersDefeat Any Enemy in 1 Hit
Finish Gamindustri Gauntlet with any characterNegate Stagger/Knock-Back Effects from Enemies
Receive All Medal RewardsReceive No HP Damage from Enemies
Finish Neptral Tower with all 10 CharactersUnlimited EXE Gauge
Finish Gamindustri Gauntlet with the Normal and HDD versions of each characterUnlimited SP

Contributed By: DJ_Tomato.

Unlockable Game Modes

There are two unlockable game modes that appear as ??? on the main menu. You will be required to finish the Story Mode for one and then complete the newly unlocked one for the other.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Story ModeGamindustri Gauntlet
Clear Gamindustri Gauntlet with any characterNeptral Tower

Contributed By: MasterVG782.



There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 6 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Collected all accessories.Accessory Fanatic
Selected the two Gamindustri journalists for a Quest.Anything For A Scoop
Performed a sound test.Audiomension
Cleared Chapter 1 in Story mode.Chapter 1 Clear!
Cleared Chapter 2 in Story mode.Chapter 2 Clear!
Cleared Chapter 3 in Story mode.Chapter 3 Clear!
Used all characters in Quests.Character-driven Game
Watched a CPU go about her daily duties.CPU Voyeur
Performed a 999-hit combo.Eternal Combo Champion Redux
Watched all events.Event Master
Used EXE Drive.EXE Drive
All characters won the Gamindustri Gauntlet at least once.Gauntlet Domination
Cleared a Quest with HDD mode active.HDDimension
Triggered Costume Break during a Quest.It Done Got Ripped!
Selected Vert and Nepgear for a Quest.It Was Bound To Happen
A new character joined.Journalistic Integrity
Raised the Lily Rank of all characters to MAX.Lily Lord
Learned a Lily Special.Lily Special
Raised a character's level to 99.Max Level
Dealt 9,999,999 damage in a combo.Maximum Firepower
Acquired all medal bonuses.Medal Fanatic
You started a new game!Nepgear, I Choose You!
All characters cleared Neptral Tower.Neptral Force
You started a new game!Neptune, I Choose You!
You did everything you could do in Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed!Platinum Action Unleashed!
Uncovered Irregular Quest conditions.Please Help!
Cleared all Quests in Story mode.Quest Master
Defeated 999 enemies in a single Quest.Reaper of Souls
Selected Noire and Uni for a Quest.The Double Negative
Cleared Neptral Tower for the first time.The First Climb
Won the Gamindustri Gauntlet for the first time.The First Taste
Selected Blanc and either Rom or Ram for a Quest.The Happy Family
Selected Neptune and Nepgear for a Quest.The Purple Haze
Defeated Next-Gen Mech at the top of Neptral Tower at Level 1.The Spectral One
Cleared a Quest while wearing an accessory with negative effects.Uphill Struggle

Contributed By: Guard Master.