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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax


Unlockable Characters

The following characters are unlocked by beating the Story Mode, Arcade Mode (subcategory). Note: You can not unlock Akira + Pai while unlocking Selvaria + Alicia. Selvaria + Alicia will be the final bosses of Arcade Mode should you had fulfilled the requirements of unlocking them, else it will be Akira + Pai.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Story - Arcade Mode.Akira (Playable Character)
Unlocks when you unlock Selvaria Bles.Alicia (Assist Character)
Unlocks when you unlock Akira.Pai Chan (Assist Character)
Beat Story - Arcade Mode by winning at least 4 matches with your Climax Art.Selvaria Bles (Playable Character)

Contributed By: furygods.



There are 59 trophies total: 1 Platinum trophy, 1 Gold trophy, 7 Silver trophies and 50 Bronze trophies.

Checked out "NOVELS".A Novel Notion
You totally missed with a Climax Art. (Training mode doesn't count)Anti-Climax Art
Asuna's Arcade Story cleared.Asuna's Arcade Story Clear
Asuna's Dream Duel cleared.Asuna's Dream Duel Clear
You've used Blast a total of 100 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Blast X 100
You got all the colors for a character.Character Color Complete
Two Impact Skills (includes Impact Breaks) collided. (Training mode doesn't count)Clashing Souls!
You've used Climax Arts a total of 100 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Climax Arts X 100
You've inflicted 10,000,000 damage on your enemies.Damage X 10,000,000
Obtain all trophies.Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax All Clear!
You've won with the digits matching on the clock. (Training mode doesn't count)Double Digit Finish!
Both players called for support at the same time. (Training mode doesn't count)Everyone Assemble!
You've used EX Special Moves a total of 500 times.EX Special Move X 500
You unlocked "Selvaria Bles" as a playable character.For His Highness...!
You've guarded against enemy attacks 1000 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Guard X 1000
You got 300,000,000 or more points in Score Attack.High Scorer
You got all the icons.Icon Complete
You've used Impact Skills (including Impact Breaks) 500 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Impact Skill X 500
Kirino's Arcade Story cleared.Kirino's Arcade Story Clear
Kirino's Dream Duel cleared.Kirino's Dream Duel Clear
Kirito's Arcade Story cleared.Kirito's Arcade Story Clear
Kirito's Dream Duel cleared.Kirito's Dream Duel Clear
Kuroyukihime's Arcade Story cleared.Kuroyukihime's Arcade Story Clear
Kuroyukihime's Dream Duel cleared.Kuroyukihime's Dream Duel Clear
Mikoto's Arcade Story cleared.Mikoto's Arcade Story Clear
Mikoto's Dream Duel cleared.Mikoto's Dream Duel Clear
Miyuki's Arcade Story cleared.Miyuki's Arcade Story Clear
Miyuki's Dream Duel cleared.Miyuki's Dream Duel Clear
You participated in an online battle for the first time.Net Battle Debut
You've won using nothing but basic attacks. (Training mode doesn't count)Nothing But the Basics
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax play has begun.Our Story Begins...
You won every round with a "Perfect". (Training mode doesn't count)Perfect Victory!
You got all the plates.Plate Complete
You've successfully activated Reflection Guard 500 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Reflection Guard X 500
Rentaro's Arcade Story cleared.Rentaro's Arcade Story Clear
Rentaro's Dream Duel cleared.Rentaro's Dream Duel Clear
Shana's Arcade Story cleared.Shana's Arcade Story Clear
Shana's Dream Duel cleared.Shana's Dream Duel Clear
Shizuo's Arcade Story cleared.Shizuo's Arcade Story Clear
Shizuo's Dream Duel cleared.Shizuo's Dream Duel Clear
You got all the special illustrations.Special Illustration Complete
You won within a 10 count. (Only when time speed is set to Normal; Training mode doesn't count)Speed Victory!
You called for support exactly when cooldown finished. (Training mode doesn't count)Stedfast Support
You won by a Climax Art charged with two Trump Cards.Super Charged Climax Art Finisher!
You've won after having 75% less health than your opponent. (Training mode doesn't count)Super Comeback Victory!
You've called support characters 100 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Support X 100
You defeated 15 or more opponents in Survival Mode.Survivor
Taiga's Arcade Story cleared.Taiga's Arcade Story Clear
Taiga's Dream Duel cleared.Taiga's Dream Duel Clear
You unlocked "Akira Yuki" as a playable character.Ten Years Too Early!
You've successfully escaped 50 throws. (Training mode doesn't count)Throw Escape X 50
You cleared Time Attack in 8 minutes or less.Time Attacker
Tomoka's Arcade Story cleared.Tomoka's Arcade Story Clear
Tomoka's Dream Duel cleared.Tomoka's Dream Duel cleared.
You've spent more than an hour in Training mode.Training X 3600 Seconds
You've used Trump Cards a total of 300 times. (Training mode doesn't count)Trump Card X 300
You've lost with 2 Trump Cards and 5 Stock remaining on your Climax Gauge. (Training mode doesn't count)You Can't Take It With You
Yukina's Arcade Story cleared.Yukina's Arcade Story Clear
Yukina's Dream Duel cleared.Yukina's Dream Duel Clear

Contributed By: Rick Rack Roo and Rellni944.