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LEGO Jurassic World



Pause the game and go to the Extras menu, then enter passwords on the Enter Cheats menu.

AU25GRACU Trooper (Female)
28SPSRACU Trooper (Male)
EKCKLCDieter Stark
YQ6S7ZDino Handler Vic or Bob
AV9DTJEllie Degler
9NGZZQGyrosphere Operator Josh
A3HC7EHenry Wu (Jurassic World)
QKBCWTInGen Guard Jerry
38YWVRInGen Hunter
RMVVB8InGen Mechanic AKA InGen Hunter 3
VZRSD3InGen Mercenary AKA InGen Contractor
6MKHSGJimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
PR2R6YJohn Hammond (Lost World)
XTH9A3Juanito Rostagno
3FE78RJurassic Park Driver AKA Jeep Driver (unlocks Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle at the same time)
3FE78RJurassic Park Responder Vehicle (unlocks Jurassic Park Driver at the same time)
8WY3FVJurassic Park Warden (Female)
XJS7UYJurassic Park Warden (Male)
BX9Z6RJurassic World Paddock Worker
GW9TGHJurassic World Ranger
L5AU6YJurassic World Worker AKA Jurassic World Ranger (Female)
JYJAFXMinikit Detector
BRLNWCNash (Runway)
SXZ7CCRaptor Handler Jenny
62539JS.S. Venture Crewman
XVXGXFScientist (Female)
SKKLWCScientist (Male)
5MZ73EStuds Score Multiplier x 2
PFEBS6Udesky (Alt)
RAVKRTUnlock Dennis Nedry (Hawaiian)
8XL359Unlock InGen Hunter 1
7VNLJTYoung Raptor Handler from Jurassic World

Contributed By: prudoff and Hikari_no_Ryuu.


Baby T-Rex Glitch

This allows the Baby T-Rex character to become sideways. To perform the glitch, you need to be near a water based area (lake, river, pond, etc.). Then, using the Baby T-Rex character, jump into the water. As soon as you enter the water, turn the L-stick towards the right. Hold it until you hop out, and you should have a sideways character. Moving forwards can now cause your character to walk towards the sky.

Contributed By: Jaredman12.

Easter Eggs

Back To The Future Easter Egg

In the first section of the level Under Attack (#4 in Jurassic World), when Owen and Claire show up, switch to one of them and head as far to the right as you can. You'll see a pteranadon attacking Marty McFly from Back To The Future.

Contributed By: PowerBro135.