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Rayman Legends


Unlock costumes

This tells you how many Lums or Teensies are required to unlock costumes in the Heroes Gallery

UnlockableHow to Unlock
collect 440,000 lumsFlaming Teensy
collect 350,000 lumsGlobolk
collect 20,000 lumsGlobTeen
collect 75,000 lumsGlombrox
collect 280,000 lumsNinja Teensy
collect 28,000 lumsPlumber Globox (WiiU only Luigi costume for Globox)
collect 9,000 lumsPlumber Ray (WiiU only Mario costume for Rayman)
collect 500,000 lumsPoglox
collect 40,000 lumsRaybox
collect 130,000 lumsRaymesis
collect 220,000 lumsRaymolk
collect 1,000,000 lumsRayomz
collect 14,000 lumsRed Globox
collect 2,000 lumsSir Rayelot
collect 170,000 lumsTeensy Hermit
collect 55,000 lumsTeensy Queen
collect 5,000 lumsTeensy Ray
collect 100,000 lumsTeensy Wizard
collect 750,000 lumsThe First King
collect 700 teensiesThe Golden Teensy

Contributed By: paw-draw-hound and AtomicBillie.