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Luigi's Mansion Ghost Magic

Playing as the ghost in Luigi's Mansion, hold L/R or ZL/ZR shoulder buttons together at the same time to start magic charge. Ghost will become visible and cannot move. Once charge is complete, player will be prompted to release, making all flashlights temporarily run out of battery.

Contributed By: gamerdooz.


Additional courses in Donkey Kong's Crash Course

Complete Crash Course multiple times to unlock additional courses.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Course 1 twice.Course 2
Complete Course 2 twice.Course 3
Complete Course 3 once.Course 4

Contributed By: MrPhilBond.

Additional Pikmin Arenas

Unlock extra arenas for Pikmin's versus mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play 5 games in the Warrior's Arena.Hero's Arena
Play 5 games in the Starter's Arena.Warrior's Arena

Contributed By: consummate gamer.


To unlock the credits you must become a star player in all 12 attractions. During the credits, you can run around and shoot stars with the L and R buttons.

Contributed By: toadsworthy345.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the first 20 regular missions10 extra missions in Metroid Blast
Complete the first nine missions5 Extra Missions in Legend of Zelda Battle Quest
Complete the first 16 missions6 Extra Missions in Pikmin Adventure

Contributed By: toadsworthy345 and RedMetallix.

Stamp Requirements

To receive a particular stamp, complete the requirements listed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Catch two animals at the same time.Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Double Takedown
Win 10 times as the Gatekeepers.Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Serve and Protect x10
Win without being caught once.Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Sneaky Snatcher
Win with a head full of candy.Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - So... Much... Candy...
Perform a tackle.Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - Tackle Takedown
Defeat 30 balloon birds.Balloon Trip Breeze - 30 Birds Down
Escape from the fish.Balloon Trip Breeze - Almost Fish Food
Complete a perfect journey. (Wii Remote Assisted Play must not be in use, and all balloons must be collected.)Balloon Trip Breeze - Flawless Flight
Visit all islands.Balloon Trip Breeze - Island Hopper
Complete two successful package deliveries.Balloon Trip Breeze - Special Delivery
Acquire four star items in one race.Captain Falcon's Twister Race - 4-Star Racer
Reach the goal with less than five mistakes.Captain Falcon's Twister Race - 5-Mistake Limit
Pass all areas.Captain Falcon's Twister Race - Checkered Flag
First jump.Captain Falcon's Twister Race - Hang Time
Complete a perfect run with no crashes. (No Assist Play allowed.)Captain Falcon's Twister Race - Racing Perfection
Execute a shortcut.Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Cutting Corners
Save Pauline twice.Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Double Damsel Rescue
Complete a perfect run. (No Assist Play allowed.)Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Perfect Run
Get through area 2 with no mistakes.Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Perfect Through Area 2
Leave 30 bananas behind.Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Skip 30 Bananas
Win as the Ghost with only a sliver of health left.Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Back from the Brink
Win without picking up any Batteries.Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Battery Free Victory
Win 10 times as the Ghost.Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Ghostly Good Night
Win using magic.Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Magical Win
Win on Monita's Rooftop without taking any damage.Luigi's Ghost Mansion - Untouchable Roof Wraith
Catch Mario with only 1 second remaining.Mario Chase - 1 Second on the Clock
Successfully escape as Mario 10 times.Mario Chase - 10-Time Champion
Catch Mario within the first 20 seconds of a match.Mario Chase - 20-Second Catch
Be sitting at the starting point as Mario when time runs out.Mario Chase - Finish at the Start
Win a match as Mario without ever grabbing the Star.Mario Chase - Starless Getaway
Defeat 100 enemies total.Metroid Blast - Assault Mode - 100 Enemies Down
Defeat the final boss.Metroid Blast - Assault Mode - Boss Blaster
Get inside a huge enemy's body.Metroid Blast - Assault Mode - In the Belly of the Beast
Finish all missions. (Including Extra missions.)Metroid Blast - Assault Mode - Master Bounty Hunter
Earn Master Rank on all missions.Metroid Blast - Assault Mode - Mission Accomplished
Achieve 10 hits in a single match.Metroid Blast - Ground Combat - 10-Hit Hunter
Drop 100 Tokens in a single match.Metroid Blast - Ground Combat - 100 Token Drop
Win with 99 TokensMetroid Blast - Ground Combat - Max Token Victory
Win with a 100% hit percentage.Metroid Blast - Ground Combat - Perfect Accuracy
Collect all Token Tanks in a single match.Metroid Blast - Ground Combat - Thanks for the Tanks
Land the finishing blow to the Gunship while in free fall.Metroid Blast - Surface to Air - Free-Fall Finisher
Win as the Gunship with 100% hit percentage.Metroid Blast - Surface to Air - Gunship Accuracy 100%
Deal damage to the Gunship with a Charge Bomb.Metroid Blast - Surface to Air - Gunship Bomber
Land the finishing blow with 1 second on the clock.Metroid Blast - Surface to Air - Last-Second Blast
Land a direct blow on a Samus character with a Charge Missile.Metroid Blast - Surface to Air - Missile Strike
Perform 3 successful beats after being inked.Octopus Dance - 3 Inky Moves
Achieve 50 continuous perfects.Octopus Dance - Flawless Fifty
Complete continuous perfects.Octopus Dance - Perfect Perfect
Perform 10 perfects in a row.Octopus Dance - Perfect Streak x10
Clear the Extra Stage.Octopus Dance - That's a Wrap
Clear a Challenge stage without your AI controlled ally taking any damage.Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode - AI Mii Protector
Destroy the Bulblord's Eyes during his boss fight.Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode - Eyes of the Bulblord
Master your first Challenge stage.Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode - First Mastery
Clear all challenge stages.Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode - Great Explorer
Earn Master Completion on all Challenge stages (finish within time limit and lose no hearts).Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode - Master Explorer
Make Mii Pikmin drop at least 10 candies in 15 attacks.Pikmin Adventure - Verses Mode - Candy from a Pikmin
Land 10 blows on Olimar with a Mii Pikmin.Pikmin Adventure - Verses Mode - Clobber Olimar
Achieve a miraculous comeback from a 30 candy deficit.Pikmin Adventure - Verses Mode - Incredible Comeback
Win without attacking any opponents.Pikmin Adventure - Verses Mode - Pacifist Victory
Hit opponents with a Rock 5 times in a single match.Pikmin Adventure - Verses Mode - Rock Your Foes x5
Perform a 10-hit combo.Takamaru's Ninja Castle - 10-Hit Combo
Deflect 10 Throwing Stars.Takamaru's Ninja Castle - 10-Star Defense
100 up, 100 down.Takamaru's Ninja Castle - First 100 Down
Rescue Princess Monita.Takamaru's Ninja Castle - Princess Rescue
Flawless victory. (All enemies must be defeated in the Extra Stages and your Mii cannot take any damage.)Takamaru's Ninja Castle - Unstoppable
Collect 1,000 Rupees total.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest - 1,000 Rupees
Collect 100 Rupees total.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest - 100 Rupees
Master all quests.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest - Legendary Hero
Complete all quests.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest - Quest Master
Finish all nine quests to claim the Triforces.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest - Triforce Collector
Complete the final Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack - Advanced: Finish Within 50 Seconds
Complete the first Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack - Beginner: Finish Within 50 Seconds
Complete all Time Trial stages in under 45 seconds.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack - Finish All Stages Within 45 Seconds
Complete the second Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack - Intermediate: Finish Within 50 Seconds
Earn Master Rank on all Time Attack stages.The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack - Speed Master
Narrowly avoid three dangerous obstacles.Yoshi's Fruit Cart - 3 Close Calls
Reach a gate with five or more eggs in tow.Yoshi's Fruit Cart - 5-Egg Exit
Clear all gates.Yoshi's Fruit Cart - Gatekeeper
Finish all 50 gates without using Assisted Play, Warp Gates, or Check Marks.Yoshi's Fruit Cart - Gatemaster
Use a Chili Plate to eat 3 bees.Yoshi's Fruit Cart - Triple Bee Buffet

Contributed By: HalEmmmerich.

Star Player

You can become a star player in each attraction in Nintendo Land. Here's how to unlock: You'll know you received star player status once you close the attraction and Monita appears to congratulate you and give you a star for the attraction.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all days (standard)Balloon Trip Breeze
Complete all areas (standard)Captain Falcon's Twister Race
Complete all stages (standard)Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Play the attraction 30 timesLuigi's Ghost Mansion
Play the attraction 30 timesMario Chase
Complete all stages (standard)Metroid Blast
Complete all stages (standard)Octopus Dance
Complete all stages (standard)Pikmin Adventure
Play the attraction 30 timesSweet Day
Complete all scenes (standard)Takamaru's Ninja Castle
Complete all gates (standard)Yoshi's Fruit Cart
Complete all stages (standard)Zelda: Battle Quest

Contributed By: Serria2616.

Unlock 2 more levels in Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Play 20 matches and you will unlock two more levels

Contributed By: APHughes.


Multiplayer in single player games.

A second player, with a wii remote, can help/distract you in most of the single player games. Octopus dance : A second player can play with the background by pointing and pressing the A button on the different objects. This will create some sound that could distract you while trying to follow the beat. Donkey Kong's crash course : A second player can point on the main player and hold the A button on your character. This will create a "slowing bubble" around your character that slows him down. Takamaru's Ninja Castle : A second player can hold the ennemies in place by aiming them and pressing the A button. It doesn't works on bosses. F-Zero Racing : A second player can destroy the many obstacles by aiming and pressing the A button. Balloon trip breeze : A second player can knock different objects out of their place by aiming them and pressing the A button.

Contributed By: gro420.