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Yoshi's Woolly World


Special Color Yoshis

Once you've beaten the main game, Boss Tent will appear on Craft Island.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat bosses 1 to 4 in the Boss TentBronze Yoshi
Defeat bosses 9 to 12 in the Boss TentGold Yoshi
Defeat bosses 5 to 8 in the Boss TentSilver Yoshi

Contributed By: DarkMime64.

Unlock Level Star-S

Get all the Flowers in all the stages including the special stages to get access to a final level that is located in the main hub.

Contributed By: kirbykirbykirb3.

Unlock the Yoshi Hut

The Yoshi Hut is a place located in the main hub on Craft Island where you can change your Yoshi's appearance based on the Yoshies that you have saved. To unlock the Yoshi Hut, simply collect all 5 Yarn Rolls in any level.

Contributed By: MrMariosta1.