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Mario Kart 8


Alternate Title Screen and True Ending Credits

Complete every single cup with a first place unlocks new alternate Title Screens and unlocks the true ending credits

Contributed By: MBBDarigon.

Gold Parts

Unlockable Gold Kart parts

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 10,000 Coins (Multiplayer gives players the total amount of Coins collected by all players during each race)Gold Glider
Get at least one star (54 points or more) on every 150cc and Mirror Mode raceGold Standard Kart
Beat all of the Time Trials Staff Ghosts OR collect a total of 15,000 CoinsGold Tires

Contributed By: Hinoken and KatNakamura.

Grand Prix Stars

Getting 1st place in a Grand Prix will reward you with a gold trophy and up to 3 stars based on the number of points you had.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn 54 or 55 points (Two 1st and Two 2nd place finishes OR Three 1st and One 3rd or 4th Place finish)1 Star
Earn 57 Points (Three 1st place finishes and One 2nd place finish)2 Stars
Earn 60 Points (Four 1st place finishes)3 Stars

Contributed By: sonicfan210 and MLBloomy.

Miiverse Stamps

There are 62 Unlockable Miiverse Stamps in Mario Kart 8: 30 character stamps and 32 track stamps.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish 1st in any Grand Prix with that characterCharacter Stamp
Beat the normal staff ghost time for trackTrack/Course Stamp

Contributed By: sonicfan210.

Unlockable Racers

In Grand Prix mode, get first place on any Cup in any engine class and you will be given one of 13 additional characters at random - however you can not repeat the same cup with the same engine class to earn more characters.</ p> The one exception to the above rule is the Mii character, the 14th unlockable character. He will be unlocked when you obtain first place in every Cup of a single engine class.

Contributed By: psi_kever and KeyBlade999.

Unlocking Vehicle Parts

Vehicle parts are unlocked at random every time you get 50 coins. Once you reach 1000 coins total kart parts are unlocked every 100 coins. The only exceptions to this rule are the gold parts. You need to collect a grand total of 2,800 coins to unlock all non-gold parts. You can get coins during a race, but only the coins you have when you finish a race (max of 10 coins per race) will be added to your total. (If you play local multiplayer, all coins held by all players at the end of a race will be added to your total, allowing you to potentially get up to 40 coins per race if you have four players.)

Contributed By: Lavapool632 and MegaMario1000.


Manually choosing the season on the Animal Crossing DLC Track

If you hold a specific button while selecting the Animal Crossing stage with A, you can actually choose what season you play on. These are: L for Spring R for Summer zL for Autumn zR for Winter

Contributed By: Tingloid.

Rocket Boost

Press and hold the accelerator button when "2" stops fading in and starts fading out for a rocket boost at the start of the race.

Contributed By: Mrakainus and willpro2014.