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New Super Luigi U


New Super Mario Bros U physics

After beating the last stage, a red block with the letter "M" on it appears at the beginning of every stage. Hitting it makes Luigi's movement physics the same as Mario's were in the New Super Mario Bros U. This does not affect Nabbit. Effect last until you exit the stage. No penalties occur when using the block.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the final stage.New Super Mario Bros U physics

Contributed By: Arseen and darkreyeder.

Easter Eggs

Play as your Mii

If you use the secret single player Nabbit code on the final Star Road level you will play as your Mii instead of Nabbit.

Contributed By: SexyBeastBob.


Play as Nabbit in Single Player

To play as Nabbit on any stage in single player, hold down ZL when selecting a stage, and Nabbit will replace Luigi for that stage. Luigi will return after you finish the stage, or Nabbit dies in the stage.

Contributed By: pummy84.