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Shovel Knight


Automatically unlock Plague of Shadows

Play as Plague Knight without having to finish Shovel Knight's story mode by inputting this code on the title screen.

Hold attack, press up up right down left left, release attackAutomatically unlock Plague of Shadows

Contributed By: Nameless2000.


Name Passwords

Start a new file and name your file:

X&BUTTButt Mode: Any mention of numerous reoccurring words in dialogue is replaced with "Butt".
TRGSVPPWEven Giant-er Mode
J&!JSMPGain the ability to moon jump
J&2JMP!Gain the ability to super jump
IM&SGC14Iron Man of gaming Mode

Contributed By: MTGxerxes, superzeldafan64, IronGospel, and OmerMe.


Pandemonium Cloak (Plague Knight)

The Pandemonium Cloak is an unlock able armor type that you get after collecting all the Cipher Coins for Plague Knight.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collec all 420 Cipher Coins then talk to either Percy or Mona, depending on if Mona is in the lab or not.Pandemonium Chalice
Give the Pandemonium Chalice to the Troupple KingPandemonium Cloak

Contributed By: HEY_IM_GRUMP.


Mona's Dance

After beating King Knight and Spectre Knight as Plague Knight, you will return to the lab to find Mona doing the tango alone. If you don't press any buttons and watch the dance to completion, you will get an achievement.

Contributed By: HEY_IM_GRUMP.