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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Infinite Height as Knuckles

When playing as Knuckles, if you pause while in the air, you can press the jump button upon coming out of the pause screen to jump again. This can be done repeatedly and can be used to jump over gates and level barriers, and can even be used to skip significant segments of the game or explore unfinished areas.

Contributed By: MisterMarioMan.


Unlockable "Money Bags" Boosts

You can unlock up to four boosts by connecting Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric to the 3DS game Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal from the main menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Lyric (in Shattered Crystal)Increases maximum Rings by a huge amount and rings will slowly regenerate
Beat Metal Sonic in a race (in Shattered Crystal)Increases maximum Rings by a large amount
Beat Sticks in a race (in Shattered Crystal)Increases maximum Rings by a medium amount
Use the Nintendo 3DS Connect FeatureIncreases maximum Rings by a small amount

Contributed By: Crazy AJ.

Area/Level Hints

Skipping Past 2 Main Hub-Worlds

First you will need to know a glitch with Knuckles. You can jump and dive to gain extra height, but pausing will give you that extra height and you can do this for infinite height. Simply, Dive, pause, repeat, Dive pause repeat. Now, you have to progress to Cliff's Excavation Sight and find a door with a pink symbol over it. Now just do the Knuckles glitch and glitch over it. Now you will activate a cutscene and do a few things then go to the 2nd hub world. You will want to go really southwest where there's a kind of dark circle surrounding it on the map, go here and you will see a ledge surrounded with these pointed rocks, you want to do the Knuckles glitch to jump all the way over to that ledge, which can be a little tedious because you always have to pause. But then when you get there run across and you will be at one of the last stages of the game, that just skipped about 5-15 hours of gameplay, depending on how quick you can beat that part normally. After this just play through the rest of the game normally, it shouldn't take long at all.

Contributed By: RivkaBobble.