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The Kore Gang

The Ranking

69.38% Overall Rank: 10952
Wii Rank: 313
2011 Games Rank: 10929
2011 Wii Rank: 313
Score based on 8 reviews


For decades we've been looking mesmerized into space, anxiously waiting for a potential alien invasion whereas the real danger is waiting right below our feet. There are quirky creatures living deep inside the earth which would rarely catch the eye in an alien movie. These inner-earthians are really into sunlight, the blue skie altogether earth's surface. That's why they sally out to conquer earth's upper world headed by the three freaked out KRANK brothers. In a giant monster of seven kilometers height - the so-called Krank tank - they drill through the earth's crust devastating Manhattan. This is just the start. Earth's invasion has only just begun. Of course mankind doesn't just stand on the sidelines. Fortunately, an invention by brilliant (yet pretty scatterbrained) inventor Dr. Samuelson is waiting to be used: the Kore Suit. By pure chance the three protagonists Pixie, Madboy and dog Rex got hold of the war robot. They enter it daringly to stop the invasion by the inner-earth creatures and, by the way, rescueing hijacked Dr. Samuelson. How does one destroy a metal giant like the Krank tank? Simply from the inside! This is where you start your journey through THE KORE GANG.
Release Date: November 8, 2011

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