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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Giant Letters

Put this codes at profile at Multilayer

[{+gas}]Giant B/Z
[{+smoke]}Giant L/-
[{+frag}]Giant R/+
[{+melee}]Giant X/Down
[{+reload}]Giant Y/shake Nunchuk

Contributed By: puga31.

Secret Items

Change your username's color

When you are writing your name press the "shift" key,next the "^" and then any number from 1 to 0, the symbol you wrote before will be erased and anything you write after doing this will be in different color depending of the number. To change the color you just have to repeat the first step.

"Shift","^","0"Font color is now Black
"Shift","^","4"Font color is now Blue
"Shift","^","5"Font color is now Dark Blue
"Shift","^","9"Font color is now Dark Grey
"Shift","^","2"Font color is now Green
"Shift","^","8"Font color is now Grey
"Shift","^","7"Font color is now Orange
"Shift","^","6"Font color is now Pink
"Shift","^","1"Font color is now Red
"Shift","^","3"Font color is now Yellow

Contributed By: Orochimaru95.