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SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab



Input the passwords under "Enter Codes" section, then select "Active Bonus Item" to confirm the cheats.

ROCFISH30.000 Z-Coins
HOVERAlternate Plankton hovercraft.
ROBOTAstronaut suit for Plankton in Revenge of the Giant Plankton
LASERExtra laser color in Revenge Of The Giant Plankton level.
ROCKETExtra rocket for Patrick in Hypnotic Highway level.
PILOTGet Aviator Spongebob costume
BRAINGet Exposed-Brain Spongebob costume
INVENTGet Inventor Plankton costume
SPINGet Patrick's different POW! effect
BUNRUNGet Patrick's purple rocket
SAFARIGet Safari Patrick costume
BONESGet Skeleton Patrick costume
KRABBYGet Skeleton Spongebob costume
FLAMESGet Spongebob's flame effect color
HYPCARGet Spongebob's Hypnotic car skin
DUCKGUNGet Spongebob's Squeaky Duck Gun
GASSYInfinite Fuel(in Flying levels)
VIGORInfinite Health (in platforming levels)
EmcsqrInfinite Time in Driving Levels
SCOOTLESObtain all sleepy seeds
TISSUEObtain Sleepy Seed Detector
PIRATEPlay as Pirate Patrick in Rooftop Rumble level.
SPONGEPlay as Punk SpongeBob in Diesel Dreaming level.
PANTSPlay as SpongeBob Plankton in Super-Size Patty level.
HOTRODUnlock a bonus vehicle in the Diesel Dreaming level.
PORKPIEUnlock all bonus games
GUDGEONUnlock all levels
SPACEUnlock bonus ship in the Rocket Rodeo level.
PATRICKUnlock tuxedo for Patrick in Starfishman to the Rescue

Contributed By: sephirosuy, XXtouchesXYboob, the ultimate68, mnm88, and weirdoj.