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Transformers: The Game

The Ranking

54.38% Overall Rank: 16449
Wii Rank: 562
2007 Games Rank: 16421
2007 Wii Rank: 562
Score based on 25 reviews


Based on the 2007 live-action feature film, Transformers: The Game lets gamers control the outcome in the battle for Earth as they choose to protect it as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons. Players experience the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite Robots in Disguise such as BumbleBee, Barricade and others. As the Transformers robot's war comes to Earth, gamers make the choice to join the Autobots in protecting our planet or to join the Decepticons in destroying it. With dual campaigns, the fate of the world is in players' hands.
Release Date: June 26, 2007

Latest Reviews

Nintendo Life 08/06/07 Review 6 out of 10
Digital Chumps 03/20/08 Review 4.5 out of 10
GameDaily 06/01/07 Review 5 out of 10
Nintendo-x2 09/25/07 Review 4.5 out of 10
Official Nintendo Magazine UK 10/01/07 Review 39 out of 100
Worthplaying 08/30/07 Review 6.2 out of 10
Nintendojo 08/20/07 Review 6 out of 10
Armchair Empire 08/21/07 Review 6 out of 10
AceGamez 08/21/07 Review 4 out of 10
Nintendo Gamer 10/01/07 Review 56 out of 100