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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2


Unlock Funkytown

Play every game once in single player mode.

Contributed By: Darthmario40.

Unlockable Rabbid Costumes

Different outfits can be unlocked mostly by High Scores or shooting the Right Rabbid (shooting minigames only). To unlock different costumes for a custom Rabbid, complete the following...

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get a high score using Wiimote only mode on USAAltair (Assassin's Creed) Rabbid
Get 12,000 points in The China HouseChinese Costume
12,000+ points in Concentrate!Cossack (Russian) Rabbid
Get 12,000 Points in Shopping Cart, Downhill.Crash Test Dummy Costume
get 12,000+points in BurgerinaiCupid costume
Get 12,000 points in Papa's Got songDisco Rabbid
12,000+ points in the "Anesthetics" GameDoctor Costume
Shoot in "Paris, Pour Troujours" (Shooting Game)Fireman (Right Rabbid)
Get 12,000 Points in Little Chemist.French Maid Costume
Shoot the Right Rabbid in Year of the Rabbids.Fruit-Hat Dancer Costume
12,000+ points in Hot CakeGingerbread Rabbid
Get 12,000 points in Funky Town songGymnastic
Shoot the Right Rabbid in Big City Fights.HAZE Armor
Get 12,000 Points in Rolling Stone.Indiana Jones Costume
Score 12000 or more in Dial R for RabbidJason Costume
12,000+ points in the "Greatest Hits" Shooting GameJet-Trooper Rabbid
Get 12,000 Points in RRR Xxtreme Beach VolleyballKen Costume
Gain more than 12.000 points on Bumper CarsMartian Costume
Shoot in "Greatest Hits" (Shooting Game)Masked Wrestler (Right Rabbid)
Get 12,000 points in Singin in the rainMimic
Shoot in "Paris, Mon Amour" (Shooting Game)Party Girl (Right Rabbid)
Start out with it automatically.Purple Space Rabbid Uniform
Get 12,000 points in Trash HouseRabbid in Suit
Score 12,000 Points In American FootballRaider's Rabbid
Get 12,000 Points in Year of the Rabbids.Red Space Rabbid Uniform
Get 12,000 points in Swimsuit EditionSailor
Get 12000+ points in Rabbid SchoolSam Fisher Costume
Get 12000+ points in The OfficeSamurai Costume
Get 12,000 points in Teenager in Love songSinger
Get 12,000 points in TNTSkeleton Costue
Play the "Spider Rabbid" GameSpider-Rabbid (Free Costume)
Get 12,000 points in TimberSuperman
Obtain Trophy for greatest hitsTMNT Costume, Raphael
Get 12,000 Points in Usual RabbidsTMNT, Leonardo Costume
Get 12,000 or more points in the plumbing minigameTransformer
12,000+ points in BurpVegas Showgirl
12,000+ points in the "Voodoo Rabbids" GameVoodoo Rabbid
Get 12,000 points in LaundryWaitress
Get 12,000 points in Snail RaceYellow Space Costume

Contributed By: Doctor_Wario, MrAkuA, anexoss, KIM7813, GuineaMan, GameFreakWOW, donutdude101, drolemag, Kyamatu, BrawlFan101, Jikan_Kishi, tcroncero, mfinkle, and MawiocUdwoc.

Easter Eggs

Christmas Music

If you play the game in December or January You can notice that an Christmas music will play in the mode-select menu.

Contributed By: lucastcorrea.


Alternate starting menu

Complete 100% of the game to have a crown appear at the "Press Start" menu

Contributed By: wiinnerboy.