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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Unlock Codes

When you start the game you are in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Go to the bar and you will be able to select "ENTER CODE". Enter the following codes to unlock some extras.

MUN486Adi Mundi
ACK646Admiral Ackbar
KPF958Battle Droid (commander)
GGF539Boba Fett
HHY697Boss Nass
QRN714Captain Tarpals
DDD748Count Dooku
EUK421Darth Maul
AAB123Droid Tri-Fighter
CLZ738Force Grapple Leap
PMN576General Grevious
GUA850Imperial Guard
HUT845Imperial Shuttle
FBM152Minikit Detector
FBM834Powerbrick Detector
EVILR2r2-q5 droid
VXZ123Score x10
HBF899Score x2
DQY857Score x4
NMP499Score x6
XXY99GScore x8
PRX482Taun We
INT729Tie Interceptor
NBN431Unlock Stormtrooper
EMP666Unlock The Emperor
GIJ989Unlocks IG88
KLJ897Unlocks Jango Fett
DBH897Unlocks Tiefighter.
BDC866Unlocks Vulture Droid
584HJFZam Wesell
UUU875Zam's Speeder

Contributed By: ima420r, LucarioHavic, gamelord2008, mansenna, XXShadowLinkXX, RAZZTAZZ, jljenkinson, darthsonic2, liammcquay150, tub3strik3, foxpruett14, darthxenu, and pokemonlink111.


All Power Bricks WITHOUT codes!

To do this, load up one save file. Turn on all the Power Bricks you want to turn out. Then go back to the menu via the pause button. After that, go to another save file or start a new game and all the Power Bricks will be turned on. Keep in mind, you cannot turn them off until you get the Power Brick itself, go back to the other save file to turn them off there or turn off the system.

Contributed By: LanLan12345.

Invincible Fall

This glitch only works with Co-Op. With two players, have one jump off an edge as the other player moves into another area before the other dies. Having timed it just right, the player that jumped will Re-spawn in the new area with all of his/her hearts blackened. When hit, no damage will be taken. This can be re-done by jumping off another edge normally.

Contributed By: PsyGamerGC.


Indiana Jones

There is one more character avaliable in the store, but you cannot unlock him by just playing the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Go into the "Bonus Room" in the Cantina, and go to the Trailers door. Watch "Lego Indiana Jones" and Indiana Jones is now available to purchaseIndiana Jones

Contributed By: Matrix8909.

Secret Fountain

This will unlock a golden fountain that spews out studs in the Junkyard.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get all Gold BricksStud Fountain

Contributed By: CoolKoopa15.

Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions Room

Once you have beaten all the Story levels, go to the Cantana bar and purchase all the bounty hunter characters. The Jabba room outside will open, and you can play the Bounty Hunter Missions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear all Story Levels and unlock all bounty hunters.Bounty Hunter Missions

Contributed By: XTheGamerX.