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Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

The Ranking

72.25% Overall Rank: 9538
Wii Rank: 257
2008 Games Rank: 9517
2008 Wii Rank: 257
Score based on 38 reviews


Mushroom Men inhabit the world that goes on while we humans are looking the other way, in the twilight hours when we sleep. We tower above them and go about our business completely unaware of the war waged at our feet. After the comet had passed, the scientists concluded that the strange, green dust had no effect on the world. No one noticed that tiny plants and fungi were acting strangely. Mushrooms, cacti, flowers and vines had awakened to full consciousness. Tribes quickly formed, building plant and fungi nations and with nation building... came war! Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars shows gamers the mundane world from the surreal perspective of a three inch high Mushroom Man. As the brave Bolete Mushroom named Pax players can wreak havoc on their enemies by transforming common household trinkets and trash into weapons and tools.
Release Date: December 2, 2008

Latest Reviews

Nintendo Life 03/23/09 Review 7 out of 10
Gaming Target 06/21/09 Review 6.5 out of 10
Gamers Daily News 06/09/09 Review 7.5 out of 10
Games Xtreme 04/22/09 Review 7.8 out of 10
VideoGamer 04/14/09 Review 7 out of 10
Boomtown 04/14/09 Review 7 out of 10
Cubed3 04/13/09 Review 7 out of 10
N-Europe 04/13/09 Review 8 out of 10
DarkZero 04/13/09 Review 8 out of 10
HonestGamers 04/06/09 Review 8 out of 10