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The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return


HotD 3 Cleared Unlockables

Upon clearing House of the Dead 3, you unlock the ability to play on Very Easy or Very Hard, along with the ability to use 5 lives and 9 continues.

Contributed By: Delition_Hikari.

House of the Dead 3 Extreme Mode

In order to unlock the one-player only extreme mode for House of the Dead 3, you need to beat both House of the Dead 2 and House of the Dead 3. Extreme mode requires you to hit weak points to kill enemies and allows the use of a blocking attack.

Contributed By: Delition_Hikari.

Unlimited Credits

Upon completion of ARCADE MODE, you will unlock FREE PLAY!

Contributed By: tman182.

The House of the Dead 2 Cheats


Score Display

Enter this code at the title screen, if entered correctly a "0" will appear in the upper-left corner of the black screen before the game starts. Now you can see your score during the game.

press Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, StartScore display

Contributed By: GnarlsB.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game in Original ModeAccess Training and Boss Modes
In the room where you fight the Emperor, the last room to the left (shoot the door). A maid will give you it.Bruno Costume
Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Start (on title screen)Display Score
Beat Original Mode on any difficultyGoldman Costume
Beat the game in Training Mode and Boss ModeInfinite Continues
Beat Original Mode with any difficulty (access after doing so by visiting the Options menu)Red Blood
Beat Training Mission 1 - 9 on a difficulty of 3 stars.Training Mission 10
Beat Training Mission 1 - 8 on a difficulty of 2 stars.Training Mission 9
Beat all bosses in Boss Mode and get a ranking with each, to unlock Emperor and Fight All Bosses ModeTwo More Sessions in Boss Mode
Complete Boss Mode with 5-star marks for each boss, including Fight All Bosses ModeUnlimited Credits (Original Mode)

Contributed By: Vegetaman, thotd, KasketDarkfyre, gostevie2, and ATadeo.


Bonus Rooms

To access one of the bonus rooms at the end of the game, you must get there without killing any hostages, or allowing any hostages to be killed.

Contributed By: ATadeo.

Rogan Costume

Go through original mode, but at the begining select the 2.0 bullets and Double score items. Play through original mode, rescuing all civillians except for the one on level 4 (the guy the Zombie is holding on to). Then beat the game. You'll end up in a Secret room. In the trunk is a Rogan Costume and an Infinite Credits icon.

Contributed By: mmanx3.

The House of the Dead III Cheats


Score display during play

Go to the 'game select' screen (where you choose Survival Mode, Time Attack, Options etc) and push LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT on the lightgun/controller D-Pad. You'll hear a noise if you did it correctly.

Contributed By: R-Jay.