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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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AC/DC subject of first group-centric Rock Band 09/30/08
AU Shippin' Out August 4-August 8: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith 08/04/08
Activision-Blizzard April-June revs hit $1B, WOW near 11M 07/31/08
Activision issues record final earnings report 07/14/08
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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review: 7 / 10 07/08/08
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Shippin' Out June 29-July 4: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith 06/30/08
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Peripheral-based Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero IV Neck Slide revealed? 06/16/08
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Activision holding merger vote July 8 06/09/08
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Video Q&A: Shane Kim on more Gears 05/14/08
Guitar Hero "leaping forward" in Q4, On Tour DS bundle confirmed 05/08/08
Activision/Vivendi leave ESA, skip E3 05/02/08
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Report: Aerosmith only rocking Guitar Hero 04/30/08
Activision CEO: Instruments, vocals coming to Guitar Hero 04/21/08
GH: Aerosmith gets first tracks teased 03/27/08
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Gibson encores patent suit to Rock Band 03/24/08
Gibson frets retailers with Guitar Hero patent suit 03/20/08
Beatles sparking Guitar Hero Revolution? 03/18/08
Gibson Xploring Guitar Hero patent infringement 03/12/08
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Activision CEO on possible COD MMOG, Guitar Hero's Asian Tour 03/04/08
Start/Select 3/3/08 03/03/08
Kai Huang holds forth on GHIV 02/19/08
Aerosmith to become Guitar Heroes 02/15/08