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Sonic Unleashed


Final Adabat Secret Mission

Collect all Art, Music, Movies and Secret Documents (except for Movie #36) to unlock the final Adabat mission.

Contributed By: Jigpuff.

Sonic Omake Cutscene

Once you've achieved all S-Ranks and completed all missions in the game, you'll unlock the game's final mission. Complete this mission and collect the hidden item to unlock a secret cutscene, "Sonic Omake".

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect the hidden item in the final mission.Sonic Omake Cutscene

Contributed By: Sombrero_Shadow.

Unlocking the Final Mission

This will require going into already cleared missions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all Secret Items except for Movie 36Final Mission

Contributed By: SonicRecords.


Beginning Boost (Daytime Levels)

When Sonic is counting down at the start of the level, swing the Wiimote after he says one, but before go. Sonic will boost out in a spindash to start the level.

Contributed By: CrazyCloud714.