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Mega Man 9



Meet the conditions below to complete the associated Challenge condition.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game without falling into any holes (the use of Beat violates this)Air Shoes
Beat the game without continuingAlmost Invincible
Beat a boss without being damagedBlue Bomber
Jump 50 or less times in a stageBunny Hop
Every shot with the Mega Buster must hit an enemy throughout the gameBust A Move
Beat 100 enemiesConqueror
Beat the game by only using the minimum amount of weapon energy (that is, only enough to bypass obstacles forcing their use)Conservationist
Beat the game one a day (at least) for 3 straight daysDaily Dose
Beat 1,000 enemiesDestroyer
Visit all stages twice and beat the gameDouble Trouble
Beat a boss only by using the Mega BusterEco Fighter
Beat 4 stages when using the same special weaponEncore
Earn 9 livesFantastic 9
Beat 4 stages without the use of a special weaponFarewell to Arms
Hit a boss at least once with all of the special weapons (only doable in the boss rebattles)Fully Unloaded
Beat the gane 5 times within a day, a day being from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PMGamer's Day
Get to a boss's room without being hurt at allHard Rock
Beat 8 bosses without the helmetHeadbanging
Get to a boss's room without shooting any weaponsHeavy Metal
Beat the game without dyingInvincible
Beat the game in under 1 hourJitterbug
Beat all bosses while one pixel of your health remainsLast Man Standing
Fight a boss for a length of ten minutesMarathon Fight
Beat the game without picking up any more than 8 energy pelletsMega Diet
Finish the game without getting damagedMr. Perfect
Use 500 or more Buster shots throughout the whole gameMr. Trigger Happy
Beat the game without the use of Energy or Mystery TanksNo Coffee Break
Collect 999 screwsPack Rat
Beat the game by defeating only bosses and minibossesPeacekeeper
Defeat Concrete Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw C
Defeat Galaxy Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw G
Defeat Hornet Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw H
Defeat Jewel Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw J
Defeat Magma Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw M
Defeat Plug Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw P
Defeat Splash Woman in under 10 secondsQuick Draw S
Defeat Tornado Man in under 10 secondsQuick Draw T
Beat the final boss in under 3 minutesQuick Draw X
Purchase 30 items or moreShop A Holic
Reach a boss's room without letting go of the D-PadSpeed Metal
Beat one boss while one pixel of your health remainsSurvivor
Beat the game in under 1.5 hoursTango
Beat the game 10 timesTruly Addicted!
Beat the game 30 timesTruly Hardcore!
Defeat all eight bosses using the Mega Buster (can also do this with the boss rebattles)Trusty Sidearm
Buy all itemsValued Customer
Beat 500 enemiesVanquisher
Beat the game in under 2 hoursWaltz
Beat the game a single timeWhomp Wily
Defeat all types of enemiesWorld Warrior

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.