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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop


Mini Games

Odd Jobs is basically how funny this game will get to it's fullest as each mission will make you laugh when you are trying to be serious. Second Amendments is a sniper mini game with the time for most of the missions is against you.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game.Odd Jobs
Beat the first four Odd Jobs missions.Second Amendments

Contributed By: icecoldmarty.

New game+

After beating the game, you will now be able to play new game + with all of your inventory and level from the past game. However, you won't be able to change the difficulfy mode of this new game. Ie. if you beaten the game in 'normal' mode, you won't be able to change it to 'hard' mode in new game. On the flipside, creating an entirely fresh new game (this time from the main menu) does keep your unlockable outfits and weapons, but strips out all your player level and inventory to start from scratch.

Contributed By: IniMiney and 528491.

Obtain Killer 7 for free on first play through.

When playing through the game, you eventually get the ability to take the shortcut to Cletus' gun shop. After every few missions [Say after maybe two or three], go to his store, and purchase something. On one occasion, beside Cletus there will be a gun on the table to the left of him. (Your left) Examine it, and when the game prompts you on whether to pick it up or not, say no. Cletus will then tell you he's been working on it for you, since you are a good customer. Around the time you recieve the repaired Blacktail, you will recieve the Killer 7 as a gift from Cletus.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Gift from CletusFree Killer 7

Contributed By: panda66.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get an S rank on the mission "Out of Controll" to unlock the mission "The Drunkard.""The Drunkard"
Get an S rank on "The Woman Left Behind" mission50. Cal Machine Gun
Get S rank on "Gun Shop Standoff" missionAmmo Belt
Kill 53,594 ZombiesApocalypse Frank
Beat the game without dying.Arthur Boxers (Hearts)
Beat the game with an A rankingBikini Outfit
Beat the game twice.Bionic Commando
Beat the gameChicago Typewriter
Get an S rank on the mission "A Strange Groupe."Cultist Leader's Sword
Get S rank on "The Cult" missionHockey Mask
Beat the game once and instead of Cletus giving you the repaired Blacktail, he'll give you the Killer 7.Killer 7
Beat game twice on HardKung Fu outfit
Beat all Odd Jobs with an "S" RankLaser Sword
Get an S rank on "Out Of Control" missionMall Employee Uniform
Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-gamesMegaman Boots
Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-games with an "A" rankMegaman Tights
Beat the game with an A Rank or better, save all survivors, and do not allow any to escape.Police Cap
Get S Rank On Prisoners MissionPrisoner Garb (Costume)
Beat all Odd Jobs missionsPro Wrestling Boots
Beat all Odd Jobs missions with an "A" RankPro Wrestling Briefs
Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-games a "S" rankReal Mega Buster
Complete the mission 'Lovers' with an S Rank.Red 9
S Rank On Dressed For ActionRiot Gun
Beat it on Hard with S RankingRoll Outfit
Beat the game with an A rank.School Clothes
S Rank On "Mark Of The Sniper"Semi-Auto Rifle
Get an S rank on the mission "The Shadow of North Plaza."Small Chainsaw
Beat the game and Cletus will sell it to you.Small Mixer
Beat the game on HardSpecial Forces Outfit
Get an S rank on the mission "Prisoners."Turret Gun
Clear the game with 100% Item UsageWhite Hat

Contributed By: metalsluggerX, Bubbastevo, Eck94, MegadudeB, Mirage86, IniMiney, ShaolinAce, sagakarikikkaru, ZombiePikmin, Nudlz1, zeno83, XxRapture89, Milgar, kieryn2, and DynamoDT.