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Swords & Soldiers


Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes in the game's pause screen by using the D-pad and B button to get the listed effects. To access the pause screen, press the (+) button while in-game.

B-Left-Up-B-B-Left-Up-BGet 10,000 extra mana.
Right-Up-B-B-B-Left-Up-DownGet 10,000 extra money.
Down-Up-Left-Left-B-Up-Left-LeftInstantly lose the current level.
B-Right-Up-Left-B-Up-Left-LeftInstantly win the current level.
Down-Up-B-Left-B-Up-Right-BUnlock all levels and challenge modes.

Contributed By: Darkmagi82.



Collect all 25 achievements to make a secret code appear on the achievement menu. This code can then be sent to the developer for a chance to win a prize.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Control 50 units at the same time4 the Horde!
Survive for over 30 minutes in the Castle Defense minigameAt First I was Afraid
Finish Chinese campaign level 7 with over 15 Rocketeers aliveBlotting Out the Sun
Cast a Boulder spell which doesn't hit a single unitBull in a China Shop
Prevent a unit dying from a Lightning spell with the Shield spellCan't Touch This
Win a mission in which the enemy attacked your baseClose Call
Finish the Viking campaignCooking by the Book
Sacrifice a unit when their remaining health is less than 5%Dying on the Edge
Kill the Giant in Aztec campaign level 2 before it reaches your gold minesFort Knox'd
Finish Viking campaign level 7 without losing any towersFourtification
Kill 3 enemies with a single rocket that appears after a Rocketeer diesHappy New Year!
Finish the Chinese campaignI'm no Kung, Fool!
Finish Aztec campaign level 10 without letting any Vikings reach your baseKeep Your Lousy Army
Kill all Vikings in the Boulder minigame without killing any AztecsKing of the Stone Age
Finish Aztec campaign level 8 without using the Boulder spellLacking Balls
Finish Chinese campaign level 8 without killing any BerserkersLost Vikings
Finish Viking campaign level 10 without letting any enemies reach your basePity the Fool!
Finish Chinese campaign level 3 without letting any Ninja Apes diePlanet of the Ninja Apes
Use Mind Control on a unit which the enemy Mind Controlled away from you less than 2 seconds agoReverse Psychology
Destroy the enemy base with a Boulder spellRickRolled
Kill 46 enemy units with a single unitSon of Norris
Reach maximum distance in the Berserker Run minigameTechno Viking Dances Away
Destroy a tower which is in the process of being built with the Rage spellUncontrolled Demolition
Finish the Aztec campaignV for Veggies
Finish Viking campaign level 4 by destroying the enemy baseWhere are the Kangaroos?

Contributed By: CaptainDrakesGhost.

Turbo Mode

To unlock Turbo Mode, in which everything happens extremely fast, beat all three campaigns.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all three campaignsTurbo Mode

Contributed By: CaptainDrakesGhost.