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Xenoblade Chronicles


Colony 6 Reconstruction Rewards

By participating in the Colony 6 Reconstruction, you'll be rewarded with unique items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Upgrade every area to Level 4.Debuff Resist V
Upgrade every area to Level 2.EXP Up III
Upgrade Nature to Level 5.EXP Up IV
Upgrade Special to Level 5.Master Glasses
Upgrade Housing to Level 5.Oriental Glasses
Upgrade Commerce to Level 5.Titan Arms
Upgrade every area to Level 5.Titan Plate
Upgrade every area to Level 3.Topple Plus IV
Upgrade every area to Level 1.Ultra Small Reactor

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Mobile Furnace

Early on in the game, you have to speak to the Gem Man in Colony 9 if you want to craft gems for your equipment. However, you can unlock a special quest and item once the Colony 6 Reconstruction begins. After you've upgraded every area in Colony 6 to Level 1, you'll be rewarded with the Ultra Small Reactor. Take that to the Gem Man, he'll give you the Mobile Furnace. This lets you craft gems whenever you want, with no need to return to Colony 9.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Upgrade every area to Level 1 in the Colony 6 Reconstruction, and take the Ultra Small Reactor to the Gem Man at Colony 9.Mobile Furnace

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

New Game +

If you beat the game once, you'll unlock New Game +. This allows you to carry over characters' levels, money, items, and other features.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once.New Game +

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Record Achievements

There are two types of Achievements: Trials and Records. Aside from the titles, you'll be rewarded with extra gold and EXP for completing them. Records also carry over to New Game +.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Used a chain attack 200 times.A Team Like No Other
Raise an Art to Level 5.A Work of Art
Fully develop three of Riki's Skill Branches.Adorable Randomness
Have Fiora give 20 gifts to Shulk.Aim For The Heart
Defeated 30 aerial monsters.Airing Grievances
Obtain an Angel Engine Y through trading.Angelic Imitation
Defeated 250 aerial monsters.Anti-Air Battering
Use Arts 1,000 times between the entire party.Art Practice
Level up an Art once.Art School
Raise 10 of one character's Arts to maximum level.Art-to-Art
Use Dunban's Arts 100 times.Attack Me If You Dare!
Give Reyn an Energy Aubergine as a gift.Auber the Top
Performed a back attack for the first time.Back-Stabber
Defeat an enemy 10 levels higher than the party leader.Beating the Odds
Defeated 50 enemies.Beginner's Luck
Improve the Affinity between two party members.Blossoming Friendship
Dealt 3,000+ damage in single attack.Bone Breaker
Defeated 100 ether-based monsters.Braving the Elements
Have a party member step into a conversation.Breaking The Ice
Defeated 30 insects.Bug Off
Entered a state of High Tension 200 times.Burn It Up
Revived incapacitated party members 100 times.Can't Keep 'em Down
Performed chain attack with 4+ links.Chain Gang
Achieve Burst Affinity 300 times.Changing Course
Have party members step into conversations 300 times.Chatting the Day Away
Defeated 100 aerial monsters.Clearing the Air
Complete a page in the Collectopaedia.Collector's Mentality
Felt the pain of being incapacitated for the first time.Come On, Cheer Up!
Achieve Burst Affinity 2,000 times.Complete 180
Used a chain attack to deal 30,000+ total damage.Cosmic Killer Combo
Enter a Fever state while Gem Crafting.Craftacular!
Receive a Support Bonus for every character.Crafting Friendships
Receive a Synergy Bonus more than 500 times.Crafting Your Destiny
Enter a Fever state 3 times in a single Gem Crafting attempt.Craftstravaganza!
Delivered 1,500 critical hits.Critical Condition
Delivered 5,000 critical hits.Critical Mass
Delivered 50 critical hits.Critical Thinking
Mine a rank V ether crystal.Crystallised Luck
Revived incapacitated party members 500 times.Down But Never Out
Raise 5 of one character's Arts to maximum level.Down to a Fine Art
Fully develop every character's Skill Branches.Dream Team
Talk to people 100 times.Ear to the Ground
Defeated 30 ether-based monsters.Elementary!
Successfully trade items with someone.Equivalent Exchange
Entered a state of High Tension 50 times.Fire It Up
Fill up the Cylinder Gauge 9 times in one crafting session.Firing on All Cylinders
Defeat an endless stream of fish monsters. (30 total)Fish for Compliments
Give Sharla fruit as a gift 20 times.Fruitful Gifts
Fully develop three of Dunban's Skill Branches.Gallant Hero
Deepen the Affinity between all party members.Get the Party Started
Receive a Synergy Bonus more than 250 times.Getting Crafty
Used a chain attack for the first time.Go Team!
Defeated 30 ground monsters.Ground Down
Defeated 250 ground monsters.Ground to a Pulp
Defeated 100 ground monsters.Ground Up
Witness the sun rising on 366th day.Happy New Year!
Obtain 50 Rare Treasure Chests.Hoarding Treasure
Fully develop three of Shulk's Skill Branches.Honest Insight
Obtain 10 Rare Treasure Chests.Hunting For Treasure
Use Fiora's Arts 100 times.I Can Beat Anyone!
Stopped the future in its tracks 20 times.I'll Change the Future!
Have party members step into conversations 50 times.Idle Chit-Chat
Obtain 77 rare ether crystals.In Rare Form
Obtain a Love Beetle through trading.Indigo Belligerence
Obtain 10 Super Rare Treasure Chests.It Hasn't Lost its Lustre
Won a battle while on the verge of death.Jaws of Defeat
Used a chain attack to deal 3,000+ total damage.Killer Combo
Use skip travel 50 times.Lazybones
Practice Gem Crafting and receive a synergy bonus.Learning the Craft
Receive a Support Bonus.Lending a Hand
Achieved Battle Start Affinity for the first time.Let's Fight!
Achieved Battle Start Affinity 100 times.Let's Go, Everyone!
Defeat an enemy 5 levels higher than the party leader.Looking for Trouble
Give Love Source as a present.Love at First Bite
Perform an attack that deals exactly 777 damage.Lucky Sevens
Defeated 100 Mechon.Machine Mayhem
Defeated 250 Mechon.Machine Meltdown
Defeated 30 Mechon.Machine Mishaps
Fall into water from a height of 200 meters.Making Waves
Trade items 100 times.Master Tradesman
Obtain 7 rare ether crystals.Medium Rare
Obtain a Minute Mantis through trading.Mysterious Mantis
Obtain 50 Super Rare Treasure Chests.Need... More... Treasure
Attacked an enemy from behind and beat it in one strike.Ninja Skillz
Defeated 1,000 enemies.No Stopping You
Stop the future in its tracks for the first time.Not Gonna Happen!
Have Riki give insects as gifts 30 times.Not Just Riki Eat!
Performed chain attack with 5+ links.Off the Chain
Record an item in the Collectopaedia.One is Never Enough
Unlock the ability to level up a character's Arts even further.One Step Further
Obtain a Super Rare Treasure Chest.Ooh, Shiny
Form the deepest Affinity between all party members.Party's in Full Swing
Raise an Art to maximum level.Perfecting the Art
Been wiped out 50 times.Phoenix
Defeated 5,000 enemies.Please! No More!
Used a chain attack to deal 100,000+ total damage.Quantum Killer Combo
Fully develop three of Reyn's Skill Branches.Raging Stalwart
Obtain a rare ether crystal.Raring to Go
Performed back attack 50 times.Rear Admiral
Use Reyn's Arts 100 times.Reyn Time, Baby!
Use Shulk's Arts 100 times.Right, Let's Do This!
Use Riki's Arts 100 times.Riki Use Arts!
Dealt 25,000+ damage in single attack.Rock Smasher
Revived incapacitated party members 10 times.Second Wind
Fully develop any character's Skill Branches.Secret Weapon
Fully develop three of Melia's Skill Branches.Serene Candour
Receive shared skills from every character.Sharing the Knowledge
Obtain a Golden Cog through trading.Shining Impracticality
Smashed 100 vision tags.Simply Smashing!
Use skip travel once.Skip It
Smashed a vision tag for the first time.Smashing!
Smashed 1,000 vision tags.Smashing...to Pieces!
Talk to people 1,000 times.Social Butterfly
Won a battle without actually doing anything.Some Help You Are!
Fully develop one Skill Branch.Specialist
Fully develop three of Fiora's Skill Branches.Spirited Adventurer
Complete every page in the Collectopaedia.Stamp of Insanity
Raise all of one character's Arts to maximum level.State of the Art
Obtain a Thunder Compass through trading.Stormy Outlook
Give Shulk 20 pieces of machinery as gifts.Study Aids
Used a chain attack 1,000 times.Team With a Capital T
Defeated 30 Telethia.Telethia Tracker
Wipe out all Telethia (100 total) in sight!Telethia Triumph
Fall to your demise from a great height.Terminal Velocity
Give Dunban an Ether Plum as a gift.Thanks But No Thanks
Fill a gem slot.That Hits the Slot
Use Arts 10,000 times between the entire party.The Art of War
Unlock the ability to level up a character's Arts completely.The Final Step
Stopped the future in its tracks 50 times.The Future is Ours!
Use Sharla's Arts 100 times.Things Are Heating Up!
Attempted 100 attacks that missed.Time for New Glasses
Used a chain attack 50 times.Tip Top Team-Up
Harvest ether crystals 50 times.Titan's Generosity
Harvest an ether crystal.Titan's Gift
Harvest ether crystals 500 times.Titan's Greatness
Defeated 200 enemies.Tough Guy, Eh?
Trade items 20 times.Tradesman
Obtain 1,000 Rare or Super Rare Treasure Chests.Treasure Trove
Fill all 8 possible gem slots at once for any character.Truly Outrageous
Entered a state of High Tension for the first time.Turn It Up
Successfully achieve Burst Affinity.Turning it Around
Form the deepest Affinity between two party members.Unbreakable Bond
Perform an attack that deals exactly 666 damage.Unlucky Sixes
Improve two party members' Affinity still further.Unshakable Trust
Fully develop three of Sharla's Skill Branches.Unyielding Devotion
Defeated 100 insects.Walking Insecticide
Use Melia's Arts 100 times.Who Dares Defy Me?
Dealt 50,000+ damage in single attack.World Shaker
Achieved Battle Start Affinity 1,000 times.Yeah! We Can Do It!
Have Melia give 30 gifts.You May Have This

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Trial Achievements

There are two types of Achievements: Trials and Records. Aside from the titles, you'll be rewarded with extra gold and EXP for completing them. However, Trials do not carry over to New Game +.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Discovered 10 Landmarks.A Corner of the World
Get the reconstruction of Colony 6 well underway.A Fix on the Solution
Start reconstructing of Colony 6.A Fixer-Upper
Get to know the Machina in the Hidden Village.A Village of Machines
Poured your heart out in every possible Heart-to-Heart.Ace of Hearts
Build up Colony 6's population to a greater degree. (100 people)Building a Community
Increase population of Colony 6 to 150 people.Bursting at the Seams
Completed 200 quests (excluding story quests).Charitable Ally
Achieve 3-star Affinity rating for Colony 6.Colony 6 Celeb
Achieve 3-star Affinity rating for Colony 9.Colony 9 Celeb
Helped people form an Affinity for one another 10 times.Constellation
Make a decent start on building up Colony 6's population. (50 people)Drawing a Crowd
Discovered a Secret Area for the first time.Explorer
Registered 50 people on the Affinity Chart.Fifty Fine Friends
Discover a Landmark for the first time.First Steps
Registered 10 people on the Affinity Chart.Friend Number Ten
Registered 120 people on the Affinity Chart.Friend of the World
Completed 100 quests (excluding story quests).Generous Friend
Discovered 80 Landmarks.Globetrotter
Finish reconstructing Colony 6.Good and Fixed
Have Heart-to-Heart go as badly as possible.Heartbreaking
Had Heart-to-Heart go as smoothly as possible.Heartwarming
Completed 10 quests (excluding story quests).Helpful Stranger
Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Alcamoth.Honorary High Entia
Achieve 3-star Affinity rating for Hidden Village.Honorary Machina
Achieve 3-star Affinity rating for Frontier Village.Honorary Nopon
Defeat a Unique Monster.Hunter-in-Training
Be sociable with the Nopon of Frontier Village.Know So Many Nopon!
Develop 5-star Affinity with the people of any area.Local Hero
Defeat 100 Unique Monsters.Master Hunter
Get to know many Nopon outside of populated areas.Network of Knowledge
Helped people form an Affinity for one another 100 times.Neural Network
Discovered 12 Secret Areas.Pioneer
Have a hearty number (20) of Heart-to-Hearts.Pouring Out Your Heart
Defeat 10 Unique Monsters.Pro Hunter
Completed a quest for the first time.Problem Solved!
Helped almost everyone form an Affinity for one another.Roots Across the World
Discovered 40 Landmarks.Seasoned Traveller
Completed 300 quests (excluding story quests).Selfless Giver
Change someone's life through your actions.Shaping History
Helped people form an Affinity for one another 50 times.Spider's Web
Develop a relationship with all of Colony 9's soldiers.The Brave Protectors
Have a whole hoard (40) of Heart-to-Hearts.The Heart of the Matter
Make a connection with the people of Colony 6.The Hopeful Survivors
Helped two people form a deep affinity for one another.The Strongest Tie
Discovered 6 Secret Areas.Trailblazer
Be friendly with High Entia that have small headwings.Wings of Nobility
Develop 5-star Affinity with everyone.World Hero
Discovered 150 Landmarks.Worldly Wise
Get to know a named person for the first time.Your First Friend

Contributed By: discoinferno84.