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Rock Band 3

News Articles from GameSpot

You Can Now Import Rock Band 3's Soundtrack Into Rock Band 4 12/14/15
Rock Band Adds These Aerosmith Songs as DLC 10/19/15
PSA: One Week Left to Export Green Day Music to Your Rock Band Library 04/24/15
Can Rock Band/Guitar Hero Be Successful Again? Analysts Weigh In 02/25/15
Video Game Hall of Fame: What Would You Nominate? 02/20/15
GS News - New Rock Band Game; PS4 To Be As Successful As PS2 and Wii? 02/19/15
New Rock Band In Development for Xbox One, PS4 - Report 02/19/15
Rock Band 3 Returns to Life With More DLC 02/17/15
Rock Band Survey Teases "New Rock Band Experience" 01/16/15
Rock Band Getting New DLC Tomorrow After 21 Months Off 01/12/15
Rock Band 4 Could Still Happen -- What Would You Like to See? 10/20/14
Harmonix Hasn't Given Up on Rock Band -- What Should a New Game Look Like? 09/18/14
Rock Band Network Shutting Down After Four Years and Over 2,000 Songs 09/18/14
Xbox 360 and Xbox One Weekly Deals Include $7 Resident Evil and Dead Rising Games 08/05/14
What System Should a New Rock Band Come To? Harmonix Wants to Know 07/18/14
Harmonix CEO, Hearts of Iron studio help AbleGamers raise $33k at PAX East 04/21/14
Harmonix: Rock Band 4 is not in development 04/12/14
GS News Update: Harmonix has "grand plans" to revive Rock Band potentially for Xbox One, PS4 04/11/14
Harmonix has "grand plans" to revive Rock Band potentially for Xbox One, PS4 04/11/14
All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero DLC going away March 31 03/18/14
System of a Down songs to be pulled from Rock Band DLC store 11/18/13
Harmonix announcing a new game tomorrow 06/03/13
Metallica songs yanked from Rock Band DLC as licensing agreements expire 04/09/13
130 million Rock Band songs downloaded 03/22/13
Rock Band's last track will be 'American Pie' 03/22/13
Rock Band weekly DLC ends in April 02/18/13
Call Me Maybe hitting Rock Band 11/21/12
Layoffs at Rock Band 3 Wii studio 10/10/12
ACMI Game Masters - A Quick Tour 07/05/12
Game Masters: Blizzard and Harmonix 07/01/12
ACMI Game Masters - Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy 07/01/12
Lost Between Levels: Boston 05/09/12
Harmonix wins additional $383 million from Viacom 01/03/12
Umloud! 2011 Live Stream 12/08/11
Harmonix poised to post company-best profits 11/04/11
Rock Band may undergo 'creative reinterpretation' - Harmonix 10/25/11
Viacom hits Harmonix stockholders with $131 million suit 09/21/11
PAX 2011: Harmonix Reverses Q&A Panel 08/27/11
GSA Community Game Night: Rock Band Series 08/14/11
Mad Catz rereleasing Rock Band 3 08/10/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Back to the Future, and more 07/28/11
PlayStation Store Update: L.A. Noire DLC, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 07/12/11
PlayStation Store Update: Killzone 3, L.A. Noire DLC 06/21/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Multiplayer is Up on PSN and Roll a D6 05/26/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Daggers and Dales, Fitness You Can't Cheat, and Lots of Trailers 05/26/11
Harmonix announcing new game at E3 05/20/11
No Rock Band 4 in 2011, 100 million songs downloaded 05/05/11
The Road to E3: Multiplayer 04/20/11
Rock Band 3 now just $20 04/05/11
'Through the Fire and Flames' shreds Rock Band next week 03/25/11
Interview With Greg Lopiccolo From Harmonix 03/11/11
Rock Band gets The Police, OK Go, War singles next week 03/11/11
Boston Game Developers Feature 03/10/11
Rock Band to rock on, says Harmonix 02/10/11
Harmonix hit with layoffs 02/07/11
MTV Games has 'ceased publishing operations' 02/07/11
MTV Games shuttered - Report 02/03/11
This Week on Playstation Network - Bionic Arms, Ancient Italy, and World Consumption Video Feature 02/03/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Hot Demos and Budget Shooters Video Feature 01/26/11
Dead Space: Extraction, Bulletstorm demo fire up PSN 01/26/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Time Traveling Shoot-'Em-Ups, Racing Cockpits, and Lots of Punching 01/13/11
This Week on Playstation Network - Magic Wings and Deadly Penguins Video Feature 01/12/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Zombies, Hunting Bacteria, Racing, and Ghosts Video Feature 01/05/11
Harmonix sold for $50, liability assumption - Report 01/04/11
This Week on PlayStation Network - Grabinators, Controlinators, and Great Sci-Fi 12/23/10
Rock Band developer sold off by Viacom 12/23/10
Best of 2010 - Best Rhythm/Music Game Winner 12/22/10
Rock Band developer's founders suing Viacom 12/21/10
Rock Band 3 Review: 7 / 10 12/20/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - Sackboy in Pre-History, X-Men, and Marvel Pinball 12/16/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Arcade X-Men, Quake, and Downloadable Shooters 12/16/10
Rock Band 3 - Getting Free Gameplay Movie 12/15/10
Rock Band 3 - Band Groove Gameplay Movie 12/15/10
Rock Band 3 - Break On Through in Pro Mode Gameplay Movie 12/15/10
Rock Band 3 - Playing the Entire Band Gameplay Movie 12/15/10
Best of 2010 - Best Rhythm/Music Game Nominees 12/13/10
This Week on Playstation Network - Tons of PSP Downloads Video Feature 12/11/10
Rock Band 3: Queen Trailer 12/07/10
EA not interested in buying Harmonix 11/30/10
Holiday Gift Bag 2010: Microsoft 11/18/10
Holiday Gift Bag 2010: Sony 11/18/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - Magic, Monster Trucks, Apaches, and Murder Video Feature 11/13/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Fairy Fighting, 8-bit Zombie Killing, and Conviction Video Feature 11/11/10
Viacom to sell Rock Band developer Harmonix 11/11/10
This Week on PlayStation Network - God of War Returns, Burn Rubber, and Free Fish 11/06/10
Start/Select - Greatest Gaming Rig, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 11/06/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Card Battling, Death From Above, and a Black Ops Trailer 11/04/10
God of War Collection, Ghost of Sparta crush PSN 11/03/10
Rock Band 3 Squier shredding March 1 11/02/10
Rock Band 3 Vignette Trailer 11/01/10
The Last Word: October 25-29 10/29/10
Rock Band 3 Review: 9 / 10 10/26/10
Rock Band 3 Video Review 10/26/10
Lennon lending Imagine album to Rock Band 3 10/26/10
Rock Band 3 - How It All Works Gameplay Movie 10/26/10
Rock Band 3 - Single-Player Gameplay Movie 10/26/10
Rock Band 3 - Full Band Gameplay Movie 10/26/10
Rock Band 3 - Learning Power Chords Gameplay Movie 10/26/10
AU Shippin' Out October 25-29: Fable III 10/25/10
This Week in New Releases: Oct. 24-30 10/22/10
Shippin' Out Oct. 24-30: Fable III, Force Unleashed II, Rock Band 3 10/22/10
Rock Band 3 Pro Mode: Guitar Controllers 10/22/10
Billy Joel DLC tickling Rock Band's ivories 10/21/10
Behind the Games: Daniel Sussman 10/18/10
Rock Band 3 opens with Doors DLC 10/13/10
Sound Byte: Meet the Composers and Sound Designers of Rock Band 3 10/08/10
Meet the Composers: Bill Whitney and Chris Wilson 10/08/10
Meet the Composers: Pete Maguire and Jeff Allen 10/08/10
Today On the Spot - GoldenEye 007, Rock Band 3 10/05/10
Rock Band library nabs 2,000th tune next week 10/05/10
Rock Band 3 Update - Character Creator 10/04/10
Rock Band 3 Character Creator Featurette 10/04/10
No Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle for PS3 10/01/10
Rock Band 3 Career Mode Trailer 09/24/10
Konami drops Rock Band lawsuit 09/20/10
Rock Band 3 Update - Pro Mode Details 09/14/10
Rock Band 3 Interview: Guitar Controller Pro 09/14/10
Bob Marley jammin' with Rock Band Sept. 21? 09/13/10
Rock Band 3 Smashmouth Trailer 09/09/10
Rock Band 3 Keyboard Vignette 09/09/10
Rock Band 3 Gameplay Trailer 09/08/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Pre-Vegas Zombie Release and Rocket Knee Sledding Video Feature 09/02/10
Rock Band 3 Keyboard Trailer 08/25/10
Rock Band 3 DS setlist jams out 25 songs 08/25/10
Rock Band 3 complete track listing revealed? 08/19/10
Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, GoldenEye 007 dated 08/17/10
Bob Marley, Tokio Hotel shredding Rock Band 3 - Report 08/16/10
Nine new tracks confirmed for Rock Band 3, Dance Central 07/26/10
Comic-Con 2010 Panel - MTV Games 07/25/10
Harmonix plays up Rock Band 3, Dance Central 07/24/10
Netflix streaming crosses border to Canada 07/19/10
Rock Band 3 hits stage October 26 07/19/10
Rage, 3DS top Game Critics' E3 Awards 07/06/10
Start/Select - Rock Band 3, iPhone 4, UK games tax breaks 07/03/10
Rock Band 3 Dan Teasdale Interview 07/03/10
This Week on Xbox Live - Video Feature 07/02/10
Creedence Clearwater Revival set for Rock Band 07/02/10
Rock Band 3 lead designer exits stage 07/02/10
Tonight on the Spot: Microsoft Party 06/17/10
E3 2010 Floor Check in - Microsoft (cont) 06/16/10
E3 2010 Stage Demo: Rock Band 3 06/15/10
The Last Word: June 7-11 06/11/10
Rock Band 3 peripherals priced, bundled 06/11/10
Rock Band 3 Hands-On 06/10/10
Rock Band 3 Interview: Dan Teasdale 06/10/10
Rock Band 3 Interview: Rock Band Pro 06/10/10
Rock Band 3 E3 2010 Song Trailer 06/10/10
'Real' keyboard, guitars debut in Rock Band 3 06/10/10
Rock Band 3 to tickle the ivories? 05/25/10
Rock Band drags down Viacom earnings, scores No Doubt album 04/30/10
Harmonix reviews Rock Band Network's opening act 03/13/10
Rock Band 3 confirmed for this holiday 03/09/10
Jimi Hendrix headlining new Rock Band this year? 02/17/10
Viacom seeking Harmonix bonus refund 02/11/10
Rock Band Network beta takes stage 01/20/10
Harmonix hit by layoffs, Rock Band: Beatles sells 1M 12/10/09
Rock Band song library hits 1,000 11/25/09
Sports, music games exempt from ratings in latest UK bill 11/23/09
The Who: Rock Band set for 2010? 10/27/09
Xbox Live update adding news feed, music marketplace 10/19/09
U2 reconsidering Rock Band project 10/07/09
Harmonix's LoPiccolo talks Rock Band Network 08/27/09
Rock Band 3 in the works 08/21/09