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TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids


Tron Evolution Battle Grids Cheats

These are typed in the cheat code menu. These codes are not case sensitive. Enter the cheat once to enable it. Enter the cheat a second time to disable it.

dbbombsDisc Battle - Double bomb disc speed
dbturboDisc Battle - Double disc speed
dbhealthDisc Battle - Double health
dbfastDisc Battle - Double running speed
dbunlimitedDisc Battle - Infinite disc power-ups
hbsuperspinnerHyper Ball - Double hyper ball spin
hbfastreturnsHyper Ball - Fast catches
hballpowerHyper Ball - Full hyper meters
hbbreakerballsHyper Ball - Hyper balls always derezz Hexes
hbkillerballsHyper Ball - Hyper balls derezz players
lcultimatebargeLight Cycles - Extra powerful cycle barge
lcsupersharpslideLight Cycles - Extra sharp cycle sliding turns
lctalltrailsLight Cycles - Tall cycle trails (works in Battle mode only)
runuclearminesLight Runners - Extra powerful mines
rusuperbulletsLight Runners - Extra powerful miniguns
rusuperjumpLight Runners - Super Jumps
tkminesTanks - Extra powerful mines
tkmissleTanks - Extra powerful missiles (note the code spelling)
tkmortarTanks - Extra powerful mortars
tkshieldTanks - Extra powerful shields

Contributed By: jektezak and Slave_1.