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The House of the Dead III


Score display during play

Go to the 'game select' screen (where you choose Survival Mode, Time Attack, Options etc) and push LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT on the lightgun/controller D-Pad. You'll hear a noise if you did it correctly.

Contributed By: R-Jay.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat House of the Dead 2 in Survival modeBlood Mode
Beat original mode with score of over 100,000 and save all civilians.Bonus room
Get more than 70,000 points and play on the Sin level in original mode. A maid will come out of the secret room and give it to you.Bruno costume
Beat the game in original modeChange blood color
Beat boss mode and get high score for all bosses.Emperor boss mode option
Beat boss mode and get high score for all bosses.Fight all bosses boss mode option
Finish any chapter with A or S rankFree Play
Beat House of the Dead 2 in original modeGoldman Costume
Enable free play, intentionally get the lowest score possible on each level in HotD 2. At the end, Goldman will appear as a zombieGoldman Zombie
Beat Survival ModeHouse of the Dead 2
Select 2.0 bullets and Double score items from trunk, and begin game in original mode. Rescue all civilians except for the second on on level 4.Rogan costume
Beat training and boss modes with five red stars on all sections and get at least 2 stars in the fight all bosses option.Unlimited continues
Beat training mode with five red stars in all sections.Unlimited death bullets

Contributed By: thotd, eli0918, nado, and DaRkSiDe2002.